Pan Fantasy Steelband - “Unforgettable” - (‘Panyard’ - “Cool Down” version - Audio)

Al “Allos” Foster - Arranger

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Canada′s Pan Fantasy Steelband performs an Al “Allos” Foster-arrangement of “Unforgettable,” their 2016 New York Panorama tune of choice.  Tuner for the orchestra was Roland Harrigin.

This is the “Cool Down” version, being played at a slower tempo than that at Panorama. The orchestra′s performance was captured by Basement Recordings.

   Pan Fantasy Steelband - “Unforgettable” -  (‘Panyard’ version - Audio ) - Al “Allos” Foster - Arranger

New York Panorama results 2016

Canada’s Pan Fantasy Steel Orchestra - “Cool Down” performance of Unforgettable - the band’s selection for the 2016 New York Panorama competition


New York Panorama results 2016