Demetre Samuel - Performing artist
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Meet Demetre Samuel of Antigua & Barbuda - Steelpan Performing Artist

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Demetre Samuel participated in ‘PanoGrama 2021.’  His instrument was made and tuned by Veron Henry.

Demetre Samuel is a 20-year musician and soloist from Antigua and Barbuda. He joined the Hells Gate Steel Orchestra in 2012 when he was only 12 years old. Through the early years of his development as a young maestro he played with PMS Serenaders, the official steel band for the secondary school he attended, and also become the captain of that band.

When introduced to the instrument, Demetre’s first love was the double second pan but he gradually developed a deep appreciation and eventual love for the double tenor. He has been playing double tenor for most of his pan life and has worked hard to become one of the senior double tenor players of Hells Gate, where he takes on various roles like teaching at the Eustace “Manning” Henry Steelpan Academy, a subsidiary of Hells Gate.

His talent as an arranger led him to arrange for St. Anthony’s School in the 2019 National Junior Panorama Competition - Secondary School section, Four-A-Side competition at Hells Gate where he placed third, and the 2019 Gemonites Moods of Pan 25 A-Side. There he co-arranged with Kevhani Greenaway for Hells Gate Steel Orchestra and they ran second.

In 2019 he became a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force Steel Orchestra. His goal in his musical journey is to become an exceptional arranger/soloist.

Bio provided to When Steel Talks by:  D. SAMUEL

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