Andre Forde
image source:  PanoGrama

Meet Andre Forde of Barbados - Steelpan Performing Artist

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Andre Forde participated in ‘PanoGrama 2021’ and placed sixth in the final. His instruments were made by “Birch” Kelman and Herman Guppy “Brown”. They are tuned by Kentley Gill.

Andre Forde is a Barbadian musician, best known for jazz on the Steel Pan. He can also add plaudits and awards as a teacher, multi-instrumentalist, soloist, percussionist, and arranger to his growing music experience.

Festivals and music tours have seen him perform regularly in and around the Caribbean and Americas, and as far as Europe and China. He has headlined many of the festivals in Barbados, including Barbados Jazz Festival, Barbados Pan Festival and Pan Fusion.

Andre Forde’s steel pan can be heard on several recordings and albums, from his solo works to records by seasoned artists like Nicholas Brancker.

New solo records, collabs and tour destinations are all on the near horizon for Andre’s Jazz steel pan.

   PanoGrama 2021 Final Performance - Andre Forde  -  Final Results

   PanoGrama 2021 Semi-final Performance - Andre Forde  -  Semi-final Results

   PanoGrama 2021 Preliminary Performance - Andre Forde  -- Preliminary Results

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