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Meet Alexander Evans of Belize - Steelpan Performing Artist

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Alexander Evans is a Belizean musician, composer/arranger, and music educator. Evans is the first and only Belizean to ever pursue a Musical Arts Degree at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine with steel pan as his primary instrument, and has not only graduated with First Class Honors, but has earned the Newman Alexander Prize for best Musical Arts Degree Student and the Beryl McBurnie Prize for best All Around Student.

During his time at UWI, Evans also featured as a performer/ Arranger/ Composer in numerous department ensembles, including the UWI Arts Chorale, Drumming Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. Expanding his focus, Alexander was also involved with a number of theatre productions as the Musical Director, both within UWI, as well as externally, earning the distinction of “Best Musical Director” in Trinidad and Tobago’s annual Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition 2019 for his work with Northwest Laventille Cultural Movement’s folk theatre production, which also won “Best Choral work,” and “Best Musical Arrangement and Accompaniment.”

Evans also had the honor of attending Carifesta 2019 as Belize’s Head of Contingent, while also serving in the capacity of Musical Director, Composer/ Arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist for the official closing ceremony of the region’s largest cultural/artistic festival.

Alexander has performed in Belize, Trinidad, Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico, and various parts of the United States, and his music has won awards in several countries, including Belize’s National Song Competition, and Guyana’s National Panorama. Evans has been a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Belize both as the Principal Double-Bassist and Percussionist, and he was the founding director of the Pandemonium Steel Band in Belize City.

Alexander Evans is a competitor in PanoGrama 2022, performing on tenor built by Juma Jackman and tuned by Augustus “Gusy” Peters.

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