Carlton Alfonso
image source:  PanoGrama

Meet Charlton Alfonso of Trinidad & Tobago - Steelpan Performing Artist

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Charlton Alfonso participated in ‘PanoGrama 2021’ and placed eighth in the final.  His instrument was made by Lloyd Gay and tuned by Augustus Peters.

Charlton Alfonso, a young multi-instrumentalist having achieved proficiency on the Steelpan, Electric Bass Guitar, as well as the Drum set. Alfonso has proven his music capabilities not only through his performance but his composition and arranging capabilities. The young musician and music educator is also particularly known for his love of various genres of music that include but are not limited to jazz, blues, funk and reggae, and classical music particularly of the romantic era. Possessing a lot of potential and natural talent, Charlton has been culturally involved in the arts from the early age of four.

Alfonso is currently a Lecturer at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston Jamaica, having graduated with honors from the University of Trinidad and Tobago with his Bachelors in Performing Arts Degree in 2018, and also graduated with his Master’s in Music at Northern Illinois University in 2020 with Honors specializing in music, particularly the Steel pan performance.

Carlton Alfonso
image source:  C. Alfonso

Despite his young age, Charlton has been performing for most of his life both as a part of a band as well as individually. Some noteworthy groups would be his involvement with the local band ‘The Flick’ for 5 years as their bass player. He also travels to Miami to participate in the Fort Lauderdale annual Panorama competition with the band ‘Sticks n Tonez’ where he also drills the band before competition time.

Being an active performing musician, Charlton is the founder and bandleader of his very own ten-piece band called Jaiso, creating the group’s name from a combination of the words Jazz and Kaiso. The band has been around for approximately four years but are well known for their unique and youthfully energetic interpretations of local Calypso standards.

Having been a member of the Holistic X Jazz band and music school, Charlton eventually began teaching younger students enrolled in steelpan, percussion, as well as piano. He has conducted as well as led rehearsals with the band, and arranged for the group. Charlton has high hopes of one day returning to Trinidad and opening his very own performance academy of a high standard, made easily accessible to those that may not be able to afford top quality music education and equipment in Trinidad and Tobago.

Bio provided to When Steel Talks by: C. ALFONSO

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