Rashunda Dorset-Headley
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Meet Rashunda Dorset-Headley of Trinidad & Tobago - Steelpan Performing Artist, Musician & Educator

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Rashunda Dorset-Headley hails from the city of Tunapuna in Trinidad. She is a multitalented musician and is extremely passionate about her area of expertise and has been since the tender age of five. Rashunda began her educational pursuit at St. Xavier’s private school and then continued at El Dorado East where she took part in numerous pan and singing competitions all of which were efficacious.

Rashunda’s passion for music has driven her to take part in several musical festivals including SANFEST which she entered for several years and topped the competition in 2009. Rashunda is a graduate of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in music with honors. She currently plays the steel pan, piano, saxophone, and recently found her niche in the guitar which she is currently learning to play.

Rashunda’s talent does not stop with her astounding ability to play several instruments, she is also a singer and composer of her own songs in different genres. Prior to and during her time at University, Rashunda has been and is currently a professional musician. She has previously arranged small ensemble pieces for the Maracas R.C. School Band and has composed several calypsos for the students of the school.

In Rashunda’s first year arranging for the SANFEST competition the school placed third. Additionally, Rashunda has dabbled in the arrangements of a few pieces as well as compositions for her ensemble group at the University for their concerts along with her Final Recital titled ‘Untold Stories.’ Additionally, she has also taught several students theory in music, sight reading and the art of playing the steel pan privately at her home. Rashunda has spread her talent among several steel orchestras throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Furthermore, not only is she known locally, but she is also known for international and regional performances in Brazil and St. Vincent.

Contact:  1 (868) 683-8342

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