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Featured Artist: Sakésho
CD Title: We Want You To Say...

Year: 2005

Record Label:
Heads Up International

Style: Jazz Fusion with a Afro Caribbean Flavor

steel pannist - Andy Narell, pianist - Mario Canonge, bass guitarist - Michel Alibo, drummer - Jean Philippe Fanfant

Review: Sakésho - We Want You to Say   Musicians Andy Narell (USA), Mario Canonge (Martinique), Michel Alibo (Martinique), and Jean Philippe Fanfant (Guadeloupe).

Sakésho - We Want You to Say...Simply put - Sakésho's We want You To Say - the follow-up CD to the group's initial musical venture, is great.  When you add great production, great material, great musicianship plus great chemistry, you expect a special CD.  Sakésho does not disappoint.  We Want You To Say is a group effort that should be view and listened to in that context.  The group skillfully powers, explores, and navigates through a seamlessly woven tapestry of personal experiences.  And so taking the listeners through musical episodes of musical treats from the African Caribbean Diaspora with a wicked sense of rhythm, drama and humor. Elements of ska, zouk, jazz, funk, calypso and big drum to name a few, are all present in a big way.  These musicians bring a spirituality, freedom and freshness that is rarely captured in a studio setting.

Rather than getting into any deep musical analysis of the music or any specific track, let's just 'say' Sakésho's We Want You To Say is required listening and a welcomed addition to any music lover's collection.  These cats are dropping some serious music.

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Reviewed by: WST/TJ

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