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Andre White of ADLIB
Wins Double Seconds Competition

                  A Recognition of the Next Generation of Steel Pan Musicians

Andre White of New York’s ADLIB Steel Orchestra captured Aquarium’s annual steelpan competition.  This year’s contest focused on the male Double Seconds category.  The youthful and multi-talented Andre performed his own arrangement of this year’s test piece.   Andre White leads the upper echelon contingent of New York Steelpan music players. 

The 15-year old Andre is currently a sophomore at Freeport High School where he is majoring in music.  He has been playing the pans since he was six years old.  Andre plays all of the different pan instruments and also drums.  His pan instruments of choice are the second and tenor pans.  In addition to playing in ADLIB steel orchestra Andre is also now arranging.  He looks forward to someday arranging for panorama and majoring in music in college.

Each participant in the steelpan competition was required to perform the test piece - Lord Kitchener’s “Pan In ‘A’ Minor.”
Andre White of ADLIB Steel Orchestra




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A Recognition of the Next Generation of Steel Pan Musicians

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