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Who is Ralph Ramsey?
And why is this entrepreneur so important to
Steelpan and Caribbean music?


Ralph Ramsey - President of Abstract Entertainment

New York - Who is Ralph Ramsey? And why is he one of the most important young figures in today's entertainment world - as it relates in particular to the promotion of live steelpan music performances?  This young entrepreneur, in a relatively short time has found a niche within the entertainment industry and is intellectually and brilliantly strategizing and fueling his own engine.  He is simultaneously creating the highway or route for that vehicle, by tapping into the global rising phenomenon/interest in the steelpan music and instrument.

As president of the New York-based Abstract Entertainment (AEI) Corporation, Mr. Ramsey has compiled an impressive record in regards to showcasing the best of Caribbean culture and music to large, varied and enthusiastic yet critical audiences.  The economic background and musical interest of these audiences cover a large cross section of the entertainment and music world. Indeed, Ramsey has infused a new breath of life and enthusiasm into the Caribbean music genre, not recently seen or experienced in these circles.  Additionally, he has found a way to maintain and deliver, a high-level positive experience to his show attendees that resonates big time with the ongoing marketing and advertising needs of his sponsors and supporters.

Ramsey has found the perfect business balance to bringing and tapping into "tomorrow" today, while simultaneously reminding us of the greatness of the best of "yesterday".  The end result is a fantastic mix unlike any other, and guarantees something for everyone, while additionally creating a new learning and sensory experience.  His keen understanding of the importance, themes, and the sensibility of the various communities he serves, has ensured a natural growing support base and self-induced momentum that has produced a pyramid effect.

By ignoring the musical whims of the moment - Ramsey has skillfully and mindfully put together an approach and program that incorporate the human need and/or desire, to be associated with pleasurable experiences and memorable activities - particularly on special days that will generate memories for a lifetime.  Ramsey has cleverly and successfully put his plan to work around the time-honored American and world-celebrated holiday known as "Fathers Day".

Ramsey's phenomenal success can be explained by his picking a path that fuels itself through a great product, recent history and credible endorsement from former event attendees, who both publicize their own enjoyment to others, and return to repeat performances themselves.  His product is perfected by venue of choice which demands nothing but the best like the prestigious Lincoln Center.  To that end Ralph Ramsey has not slouched in terms of the giants that he has contracted for his shows, all famed world musicians in their own right.  At the same time he is unwaveringly and skillfully introducing and providing a platform for new and emerging talent to be seen and heard on a grand scale.

Abstract Entertainments presents Steelpan Jazz Concert at Lincoln Center

With regard to advertising and sponsorship, Ramsey has created a symbiotic relationship wherein savvy business associates are provided with a high profile, upscale event that will be associated with their product and services.  Ramsey has executed a simple formula:  culture + edutainment +  community development = successful advertising, financial returns - by way of:  direct and effective marketing + superb talent showcase.

Today's finest and renowned steelpan performers such as - Garvin Blake, Liam Teague, Robert Greenidge, Andy Narell and Rudy Smith, paired with great master musicians - the ilk of Ralph McDonald, Frankie McIntosh, Tony Cedras to name a few -  have already graced the stage as part of Ramsey's productions.

New York is a multi-cultural environment with people always looking to experience new things.  The fascination with steelpan is that it is fresh and provides an unheard voice for many.  It is no longer about whether the show will be great - that is a known quantity.  It's just a matter of who is going to deliver the next grand performance, and who will have the privilege to be in that spotlight.  And while Ramsey's current focus is set around the Caribbean genre and the fascinating phenomenon that is the steelpan instrument, he does not limit his operations but is committed to expand into and embrace other cultural experiences.

With this blueprint for success, Ramsey is already exploring the exportation/franchising of his show to other venues and countries.  He is no stranger to success; the electrical engineer is the former president of the Caribbean-based organization Hawks International.  He is credited for successfully reorganizing, re-energizing and bringing the organization back to prominence.

Ramsey is equally at ease sharp-shooting with high-powered fortune 500 executives as he is with the youngsters of his mas band on Eastern Parkway.  But that is just part of the key to Mr. Ramsey's success.  He is deeply committed to his culture, and the success of people through economics and education of the community.

Ralph Ramsey clearly is already a significant and positive force on the Caribbean music scene.  Look out for Ramsey's next production at Jazz at Lincoln Center in June 2007.

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