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Prof. Brian R.N. Copeland


September 2008


  1. Dean, Faculty of Engineering, (2007-)

  2. Head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1997 to 2007)

  3. Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  4. Lectures in Digital Electronics, Microprocessor Systems and Control Systems

  5. Responsible for the restructuring of the Department's Undergraduate Curriculum in Digital Electronics and Control Systems.

  6. Active lobbyist for engineering education reform

  7. Co-ordinator of the Real Time Systems Group – a UWI unit for developing university/industry liaison.

  8. Co-ordinator, Steelpan Initiatives Project

  9. Project Leader for design and construction of the Electronic Scoreboard at the Queen’s Park Oval1

  10. Convener, Steelpan Research Centre, UWI

  11. Member, Board of Directors, eTecK

  12. Chairman, National Training Agency


Primary Education: Cocoyea Village Government

  1. Secondary Education: Presentation College, San Fernando

  2. June 1978, University of the West Indies: BSc Degree (First Class Honors) in Electrical Engineering.

  3. November 1981, University of Toronto: MSc Degree in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems)

  4. August 1990, University of Southern California: PhD in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) 


  1. First recipient, Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

  2. Joint recipient of the Chaconia Medal Gold as a member of the G-Pan team

  3. Guardian Life Premium Teaching Award (November 2002)

  4. BP/AMOCO Fellowship Award for Senior Academic Staff at the UWI (January 2001)

  5. LASPAU/Fulbright scholarship for Doctoral program at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. (July 1987)

  6. UWI Scholarship for postgraduate studies at the University of Toronto at the MaSc level. (June 1979)

  7. Graduated in Electrical Engineering with First Class Honours and first place in the Faculty of Engineering (June 1978)

  8. Trinidad and Tobago National Scholarship. Cambridge Advanced Level Certificate Examinations in Mathematics. (June 1974)


  1. Design of Control Mechanisms - Academic and Industrial

  2. Computer and Digital Systems Design

  3. Steelpan technology: amplification, digital synthesis, sound field mapping and modal studies

  4. Technology Management and its significance to the economies of small states


  1. Granted: Trinidad and Tobago 1983, #62 of 1983. An Electronic Steelpan (co-inventor: Dr. Stephan Gift)

  2. Granted: Trinidad and Tobago 1993, #20 of 1993. Electro-acoustic pan using piezo-electric pickups.

  3. Granted: Trinidad and Tobago 1993, #21 of 1993. Electro-acoustic pan using variable reluctance pickups.

  4. Patent Grant: TT/P/2009/00050: The G-Pan Musical Instrument

  5. Patent Grant - TT/P/2009/00031: An Apparatus for Percussive Harmonic Musical Synthesis Utilizing Midi

  6. Technology (APHAMS). With co-inventors: Keith Maynard, Marcel Byron and Earle Phillip

Music – listening, performance, scientific aspects
Sound Systems


  1. Copeland, B., Morrison, A., Rossing, T., Sound radiation from Caribbean Steelpans, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 117, No 1, January 2005, pp 375-383.

  2. F. Muddeen and B. Copeland, Free-field Sound Measurements of the Caribbean Steelpan – an application of Cepstrum Analysis, presented at the IEEE SoutheastCon 2003, April 4-6 2003, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

  3. B. Copeland and F. Muddeen, Observations on Measurements taken of the Sound field of a Clifford Alexis Double Second Pan (Where to (not) put the microphone, Presented at the World Steelpan Music Festival Conference Session, October 2002, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

  4. B. Copeland, A. Morrison and T Rossing, Sound Radiation of Caribbean Steelpans, Presented at the 142nd Meeting of The Acoustical Society of America, Dec3-7 2001, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  5. Muddeen, F. and Copeland, B., The Polar Response of a Tenor Steelpan, Presented at the 1st International Conference on the Technology of the Steelpan, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, October 16-18, 2000.

  6. Copeland, B.  Pan Technology: Visions for the 21st Century, APPETT Journal, Vol. 32, No1, April 1999 pp 27-33

  7. Copeland, B. Pickup Methods for the Electro-Acoustic Steelpan. West Indian Journal of Engineering, Vol. 18 No 2. January 1995 pp 41-48.

  8. C. Imbert, D. Gay and B. Copeland, Tambor do Aço Musical: Aspectos Mecânicos, Metallúrgicos Acústicos e Electrônicos Ciência Hoje (Brazil), Vol. 18, No 108, April 1995. 

  9. B. Copeland, A Note on the Standardization of the Steelpan. West Indian J. of Eng. vol.13, no 1, Jan 1988, pp 89-92

  10. B. Copeland and S. Gift. Development of an Electronic Steel Pan. West Indian Jour. of Eng., Vol. 7, no. 2, July 1983, pp 27‑31.

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