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A PanMan In Iraq - Theron Urbano

When Steel Talks receives messages and correspondence from steelpan players and steelpan music lovers from every part of globe on a daily basis telling us of their love for the instrument, art form and PanOnTheNet Radio. Moreover, their communications inform us just how pan has touched and contributed to the uplifting of their life. In light of the current world situation we at WST felt it would be good to share this special correspondence with the When Steel Talks pan community. One of our fellow panmen who is currently in Iraq contacted us recently. Following are his two emails and pictures...

A When Steel Talks Exclusive


Iraq - September 13, 2004

“What's good basement recordings,

“My name is Theron Urbano and I am a SGT in the US Army currently deployed to Iraq. I have been playing pan from since ah real small. By age 11, I had my own band out of family and was doing all the Arrangements. We were called Steel Sensations before the one y'all know about came out and we were based in Queens, NY. We played mostly on the church scene and we broke up about six years ago because I left for the Army.

“I have a tenor pan with me here in Iraq and I play it once in a while to calm me nerves. I have been checking out your site and pan on the net radio because it keep me close to my roots. I am going to Arrange for a big band when I get out the military.

“I would like to hear the bands from 2004 panorama because I out here in Iraq for a whole year and allyuh only teasing me with them music clips. I real deprived out here. I hearing all the comess with judging and who run 2nd to last to who run second but I don't care I just want to hear we music. I have my own tunes out here but I want to listen to the outside world. When the Mortars and the small arms fire going off around you and you seeing people going down in front of you, when you go back home you need something to take it off your mind. MY MIND-SAVER IS PAN.

“I just want to let allyuh know now pan all in IRAQ!!!!!! I ain't play in no concert because I ain't have time but I will try to do a Christmas concert and send allyuh a tape or some pictures. I will keep in touch. Thanks for your support and If all you could send me a longer clip or a tape/ CD/ DVD I will appreciate it.... Thanks for your support and could someone e-mail me back I would like someone to talk to. Maybe I could ask about allyuh coming to Iraq to do an interview. ( MAYBE NOT )!!!!!!! HA HA HA.... Let me know eh.


- Theron Urbano -

Iraq - September 22, 2004

Theron Urbano in Iraq
Theron Urbano in Iraq

“How are you doing -

“I had to go and take pictures for you... I thank you for your support because I just heard on pan on the net the 2004 panorama songs yesterday.

“I got positive vibes from some of the groups and I definitely thought that Sonatas had a boss tune.
Anyway another day for the analysis... Again thanks for the support.”

Theron Urbano in Iraq
Theron Urbano in Iraq

- Theron Urbano -