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New York - August 24, 2004

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

New York Panist Set to Attend Prestigious Music School

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What happens when you mix talent, beauty and intelligence?  You get someone like Orisha John. The gifted young panist, scholar and musician is on her way to the prestigious Julliard School.  Juilliard is one of the most respected music schools in the world.  When Steel Talks provides an exclusive interview with the busy teenager. Orisha is currently a section leader for New York powerhouse Marsicans Steel Orchestra. Her steelpan instrument of choice is the Double Seconds.

Orisha John
Orisha John

Orisha has had the good fortune to benefit musically from master arrangers like Pelham Goddard, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, and Clive Bradley. The steel orchestras in which she played for the various panoramas were under the guidance of these legendary arrangers from time to time.

A “straight A” student, Orisha balances books with numerous public engagements.  Earlier this year she played with the renowned Phase II Pan Groove in the Trinidad and Tobago 2004 Panorama finals.

Orisha John, with Mom
Orisha John, with Mom Hazel

The pan instrument is not the only one through which the talented teenager expresses herself. When she begins school at Juilliard, Orisha will continue her studies in the violin, which she has also mastered. She looks forward to sharing her love and mastery of the steelpan instrument with people at Juilliard.

New York Panist Set to Attend Prestigious Music School

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