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Pan In New York 2004

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Steelpan In Japan

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Panmen at Nagata Latin music street

About PANPLE :

Japan - PANPLE plays an active part as a steelband in Kansai Region, Japan.  In the beginning

our band had only a few members.  We were so moved by Caribbean Magic when they came to Japan.  We had no sponsor, no funds, and not enough musical instruments for our band.  But we always had our dreams and goals.  We played anywhere to buy instruments with our performance income.  We are still a small band,  but we have grown big enough to play at the Japanese Pan Festival.

But even now we are still dreaming and trying to reach our goals.  We want to be the
happiest band in Japan -  jumping up, waving, and having fun.  We want to establish the Japanese steelpan sound and arranging styles.  In addition, Panple hopes to teach the steelpan to China and Korea so that a lot more Asian people will begin to play the steelpan.

 - Koruri Hanato

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