Roland Harrigin

- Master Tuner -


A When Steel Talks Exclusive

September 26, 2004

New York, USA - You can have the best players and the best arranger in the world - but it would not matter if the tuner is not right.

Master tuner Roland Harrigin in 2004
Roland Harrigin tuning in the instruments of Pantonic Steel Orchestra

When Steel Talks provides an exclusive interview with master tuner Mr. Roland Harrigin.  Mr. Harrigin took a few minutes away from his busy schedule and daunting task of preparing New York's powerhouse Pantonic Steel orchestra's instruments for Panorama.

Mr. Harrigin who has been tuning professionally for over 30 years is instrumental in contributing to the overall sound of the world-class steel Pantonic orchestra that has won four championships in their seven-year history. Indeed that sound can be heard in their critically acclaimed CD ‘Pantonic Live!’

Mr. Harrigin believes that the future of pan tuning is in good hands as there are many good young tuners in Trinidad and Tobago coming up to meet the challenge.

In this exclusive interview, hear and meet - Mr. Harrigin.


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