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Patrick Arnold,
  President of Pan Trinbago
- on the 2005 T&T Panorama Season

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Date: 1.05.05

Patrick Arnold, president of Pan Trinbago, had his customary update for the global pan community via When Steel Talks when he chatted and shared his thoughts on the upcoming competitions for the 200 5 Panorama season in Trinidad and Tobago.  Noting that the season was short, he spoke about the new rule which allowed bands  to choose a selection from previous years, once it was not part of their own past panorama repertoire.   Arnold noted that quite a number of bands have opted to go with "classical calypsos" from previous years.  He believed that this would work in favor of the bands and the competition, as pan lovers would be more familiar with the music.  The songs normally written for pan suffered from lack of airplay, according to  Arnold, and as a result, were not always well known.  

A positive development was an increase in the prize monies for competition events, with the first prize in the large conventional band category on Finals night rising to approximately TT $400,000.00, a one hundred percent increase from 2004.   Arnold mentioned that Panorama costs for steel orchestras were as much as TT $200,000.00 for some bands, and that while he did not believe the increase was enough, it was a step in the right direction.

Asked about the possibility of a DVD and/or CD coming out of this year's Pan events in Trinidad and Tobago, the Pan Trinbago president was optimistic, and said that committees were now established and meeting to reach decisions on such matters.  Acquiring video footage from previous years was also being looked at, with the aim of producing vintage documentation of past Panoramas.

For 2005, Patrick Arnold was sure that pan lovers - Trinbagonians and foreigners alike - would have a unique and enjoyable 2005 Pan season.   He viewed the new innovation of including past musical favorites in the selections for competitions as a definite plus to that end.

Preliminary judging begins in pan yards on January 13.

C. Phillips, Basement Press Corp.
2005 When Steel Talks - All Rights Reserved



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