Live In The Pan House - A Global Hit...


New York - January 7, 2005


When Steel Talks (WST) continues to rock the internet waves with stellar steelband performances from the best groups in the world!  Its new series "Live In The Pan House" has attracted viewers from every part of the globe.  The dedicated steelband music promotion organization, WST, has amassed through the activities of Basement Recordings, Inc., a catalog of performances from the Orient, the Caribbean and the USA.  The instrument, which has captured the imagination of the youth world wide continues to make unprecedented strides.  Proof of the instrument's appeal and meteoric rise is the prevalence of the Pan instrument in schools (K-12) and institutions of higher learning throughout the USA and around the world.  Live In The Pan House provides insight and "on-demand access" into a non-traditional but extremely effective avenue to learning and appreciation,  by means of authentic steelband music performances by the originators of the steelband music art form.  Music professors in United States universities mandate the video performances as part of courseworks for student study and workshops. 

The advancement in new internet technology with the availability of economical high-speed internet connectivity has contributed to the success and mass appeal of "Live In The Pan House.WST already has a stable of successful steelband music related-initiatives including PanRadio, an internet broadcast dedicated to nothing but steelpan music.  The show has received praise for both its educational and entertainment value. 

The steel orchestras featured Live In The Pan House gain worldwide followings through increased global visibility and - (1) bring desired musical products to market in a timely and profitable fashion and; (2) facilitate ease of gathering booking information on them for world tours, live performances, recordings sessions by perspective music agents and performance organizations.  WST expects the popularity of "Live In The Pan House" to increase dramatically as some of the world's greatest steelband music organizations and performers have already asked for inclusion in the 2005 season.


"Live In The Pan House" ( compliments the already-high volume of internet traffic on WST generated by other facets of the organization - such as the global Pan News online, PanRadio, and its educational and history resource center.

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