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Boogsie's Musical Journey


A Tribute to Boogsie and Phase II
By Robbie Joseph


His music is inspiring, exhilarating and entertaining
In 1974,
Last Lap revealed his potential to be enterprising
Rocket with Pan followed to confirm the speed of his machinery
Rags to Riches was the statement of his vision of glory
I like to beat Pan told the story
Carnival is Bacchanal unveiled cultural identity...
'79 is Mine was truly divine
No Panorama showed that the movement was defined
Pan in a Rage was a message for the new decade
Pan Take Over followed to heighten the tirade
Pan Rebels was his revelation of resistance to the institution
I Music was a masterpiece of his perception...
Musical Wine filled our empty chalices
Pan Rising lifted our spirits to heavenly palaces
Dis Feeling Nice captured the attention of the judges
Woman is Boss commanded the limelight without any grudges
Fire Down Below heated up the tempo
Breakdown told the tale of how low you can go


Len "Boogsie" Sharpe Leads Phase II Pan Groove To Victory   -- Photo Robbie Joseph

Pan in Yuh Ras explained the versatility of the pan
Jam Meh Up was part of that plan  
Birthday Party celebrated Phase II Pan Groove  
Panic alerted the masses of the move 
Jam It With You was something to prove...

Mind Yuh Business was a warning to his critics
Misbehave confirmed his theory of enjoyment through it’s lyrics
Clear De Way was a statement of his intended action
Sweet & Sexy revealed the intensity of his passion
My Time was his declaration of dominance
Freedom revealed his innovative musical excellence
Do What Yuh Want was a classical message of great importance
Music in We Blood epitomised universal love in this era of world violence
We Like To Play professed the love for playing pan music for generations  
Trini Gone Wild blended different musical genres to perfection 

A Tribute to Boogsie and Phase II

Robbie Joseph - All Rights Reserved!! - PanPodium


When Steel Talks - Special - Post-Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Panorama 2005

Post Panorama           Date: 3.4.05


2005 When Steel Talks - All Rights Reserved

Pictures at Panorama Finals

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