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National Panorama Finals "Live"
Pan Trinbago & WACK  90.1 FM

Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Music Panorama 2005 CD

Congratulations to Pan Trinbago & WACK  90.1 FM on the release of the National Panorama Finals "Live"...

Let's make a long story real short. Simply put, this CD is one of Trinidad and Tobago's best efforts at capturing and reproducing it's great steelband music panorama competition. Recent past attempts at delivering a quality product have been between non-existent and horrendous.  The double CD named National Panorama Finals "Live" comes encased in simple and effective artwork,  highlighted in an attractive and glossy information sleeve/wrap.  But that is only going to work this year.  Next year's product has to be on par with regular CD packaging.  The construct is impractical for music lovers who wish to treasure both CD and inserts.

Without question Trinidad and Tobago have some of the greatest steel orchestras in the world.  This CD finally presents a closer semblance/audio representation of the power, beauty, talent, genius and skills of the Trinidad and Tobago steelpan musicians, arrangers, instrument tuners and manufacturers.

National Panorama Finals "Live" is still not on par with the large band recordings out of New York where  the art of capturing the full dynamic range and power of the steel orchestra, has already been mastered - from the high steel iron to the sub lows of the bass, in addition to the three dimensional layout of the steel orchestra without losing the emotion of the music.   However the production of the recordings is clean, even and better than any other recent panorama recordings out of Trinidad.  Moreover, it gives much promise for the future.  

Trinidad and Tobago has more reason than any other country to invest in top notch production.  This time their recordings are no longer bringing up the rear.   Go get your copy...

WST Review DEPT. -- March 7, 2005

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