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Tune of Choice/
Arranger Tuner Leader
Arima Angel Harps Woman On The Bass
Godwin Bowen Patrick Worrell
Bertram "Birch" Kellman,
Selwyn Williams  
Curepe Scherzando Hard Wine
(Tunapuna Scanty)
Douglas Redon Lennox "Darkie" Lewis Stephen Williams
Five Rivers Modern Symphony High on the Pan
(Eunice Peters)
Keith Salcedo Junior Peters Leighroy Rivero
Harmonites Colours Again
(Destra Garcia)
Earl La Pierre Peter Kanhai Peter Kanhaui
Melodians Symphony In 'G'
(Lord Kitchener)
Renrick Lewis Leslie Bernard Henry Bernard
Parry's Pan School  Doing It For Kitch
(Natalie Yorke)
Selwyn “Parry” Paul Patrick Worrell, Patrick Arnold
 "Birch" Kellman, K. St Rose
Selwyn Paul
Potential Symphony Tribute To Bradley
(De Fosto)
Carlon Harewood &
Anselm Campbell
Patrick Worrell
"Birch" Kellman,
Herman "Guppy" Brown
Andy Neils
Adolphus Gilding
Sangre Grande Cordettes Jericho
(Lord Kitchener)
Terrance "BJ" Marcelle Herman "Guppy" Brown
Bertram "Birch" Kellman, Clifford Alfred
Randy Glyn
Sforzata This Melody Sweet
Yohan Popwell George "Yoyo" Kallicharan, Desmond "Mappo" Richardson Trevor Reid [back to top]
Belmont 5th Dimension Enough Is Enough
(Steve Sealey)
Brian 'Bean' Griffith      
Humming Birds Pan Groove Colours Again
(Destra Garcia)
Michael Cupidore & Murchison Jules Michael Cupidore Fitzroy Henry
Power Stars In My House
(Emmanuel 'Oba' Synette)
Silver Stars High on the Pan
(Eunice Peters)
Edwin Pouchet    
Sound Specialists of Laventille Colours Again
(Destra Garcia)
Ken 'Professor' Philmore    
Tokyo Out Of Control
(De Pan Man)
Richard Gerry
Beverly Griffith
Valley Harps This One Is For U, Bradley
(Ronnie McIntosh)
Michelle Huggins-Watts     [back to top]
Couva Joylanders Carnival In '72
(Lord Kitchener)
Kenrick Frederick      
Point Fortin Tornadoes Melda
(Mighty Sparrow)
Shevon Edwards     [back to top]
Buccooneers Capitalism
Gone Mad
(Mighty Sparrow)
Vernon ‘Sel’ Dennis      
Dixieland Colours Again
(Destra Garcia)
Edison 'Eddie' Quarless    
New East Side Dimension Tribute To Bradley
(De Fosto)
Delbert ‘tuts’ Henry     [back to top]