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‘Band From Space’

sung by “Crazy”
music by Amrit Samaroo
lyrics by Edwin “Crazy” Samaroo

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“Band From Space”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Late one night I was awaken by a loud rumble,
Coming from the sky I placed my eye on a strange vehicle,
Through the clouds, flashing lights came down and it landed slow,
Then the door opened revealing a bunch of weird looking people.
We came many light years just to be here they all say,
For carnival we would like to play,
I say to myself like these people mad or they going crazy,
Then just so they beam down a steelpan,
The whole band!


The band from space coming!
Oh, Oh!
They had meh body shaking,
Oh, Oh!
The refrain that they singing, was
Oh, Oh!
They say is heavy jammin',
Oh, Oh!
We come from far with all we stars and is jam for so when we reach the savannah,
roll yuh waist , band from space come down.
The tempo right we come to fight all of them steelbands on the panorama night,
Roll yuh waist , band from space come down.

Verse 2

I say wait, how the hell alyuh aliens know bout pan,
They say TTT used to come on their television,
We're great fans of Jit Samaroo, Bradley and Holman,
And we arranger study all Boogsie music and have it down,
We know exactly the formula for a victory,
We know how to move the crowd how to jam,
We know many things about the steelband,
But we cannot get we flag woman to wine up and get on,
Like Denise Belfon!



The steelband from space,
Mashing down the place,
Every creed and race,
Jumping and rolling they waist,
It is plain to see,
Pan gone Universally,
But it now in we school and we taking it cool...

Verse 3

In the mix, a pan fall down and they call the tuner,
He curse all of them and then he tell them to stay quite nah,
He press a knob, behind he head and then pull out a laser,
He zap the pan and walk away as if nothing happened after,

The captain come in front the band and call a meeting,
Then he say, night of the finals we going to win,
All Stars, Renegades, Phase II and 'Radoes
Do not stand a chance against this force, we going to share real blows,
Case closed!


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