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East Zone Preliminaries
Order of Appearance

Chris “Tambu” Herbert is the composer of choice in the East Zone Preliminaries Single Pan Bands category which comes off at The Dial, Broadway, Arima, Thursday 17th January 2008, at 7:00 pm

Three (3) of the seventeen (17) bands opted for selections by the three-time Road March winner. Both San Juan All Stars and Brazil RX4 are going with “This Party Is It” while Pan on the Move‘s choice is “No No We Ain’t Going Home”. 

In fact, the majority of bands from the east have elected to perform calypsoes from previous years. Favorites include “Tourist Leggo”, “Crapaud Revolution”, “Nah Do Dat”, “Fete”, “Long Time” and “Poom Poom”.

Playing this year’s compositions are Arima All Stars (“Puncernelly”), Magic Notes (“Phone Card”), Pan Jammers (“Whole Day”) and Pan Stereonetts (“Wining Season”).

At the end of the Preliminary Round, twelve (12) bands inclusive of last year’s winner, L.H. Pan Groove, will proceed to the Semi Final Round in front of Victoria Square, on Saturday 26th January 2008, at 6:00 pm

The complete list of bands and their playing positions are as follows

Steelpan Panorama 2008
East Zone Preliminaries

Order of Appearance – Eastern Region – Single Pan Bands

Thursday 17th January 2008, The Dial, Arima – 7:00 pm


Bands                                    Selection                              Performed By                      Arrangers


Nu Pioneers Pan Groove                   Long Time                              Arrow                                      Sean & Simon Marcano

San Juan East Side Symphony            Fete                                      Super Blue                             Ken “Professor” Philmore

North Eastern All Stars                     Tourist Leggo                        Short Shirt                              Paul Campbell

The Graduates                               Crapaud Revolution                Scrunter                                  Mark Hosten

United Sounds                               Poom Poom                          Super Blue                             Shervon ”Shervi” Lewis

San Juan All Stars                          This Party Is It                        Chris Tambu Herbert            Kenneth “Panman” Clarke

Arima All Stars                             Puncernelly                            De Fosto                                Leon “Smooth” Edwards

Pan on the Move                           We Ent Going Home                Chris Tambu Herbert            Committee

Trinidad Nostalgic                         Du Du Yemi                           Sparrow                                 Dr. Jit Samaroo

Magic Notes Rebirth                      Phone Card                           Crazy                                      Rishi Depoosingh/Jerome Jones

Trinidad East Side Symphony           Soucouyant                            Crazy                                      Carion Harewood/Anslem Campbell

Star Sapphire                              Nah Do Dat                            Iwer George                           Committee

Pan Jammers                              Whole Day                             Shurwayne Winchester         Keagan Keller

Brazil RX4                                This Party Is It                         Chris Tambu Herbert            Gary Straker

Pan Stereonette                           Wining Season                        Machel Montano                    Marcus C. Baptiste

Marsicans                                  Pan in A Minor                       Kitchener                                Marion White

LH Pan Groove                           Soucouyant                            Crazy                                      Duvonne Stewart

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