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Pan Friday in Skinner Park

Thank God It’s Pan Friday.

For the uninformed, TGIPF is the title of Pan Trinbago South/Central Region Pan Preliminaries carded for Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Friday 18th January 2008. Starting time is 6:00 pm.

Eight (8) Single Pan Bands and twenty two (22) Conventional Bands will perform their Panorama 2008 selections before separate panels of adjudicators. Each category – Small, Medium, Large and Single Pans Bands- has its own judging panel.

Single Pan Band Fyzabad 4th Dimension will start the competition with their arrangement of “Sailors on the Road” performed by Roger George while Starland Steel Orchestra of Techier Village, Point Fortin, will lead off the Conventional Bands category with Barnett Henry’s “Patrick We Steppin Out With You.”

Defending National Panorama Small Band Champs Petrotrin Siparia Deltones will be performing in the stellar position at number 16. Their selection is Shurwayne Winchester’s “Whole Day.”

The following is the order of appearance

Steelpan Panorama 2008

Order of appearance – South/Central – Friday 18th January 2008 – 6:00 pm


Single Band Bands                                          Selection                                             Performed By

Fyzabad  4th Dimension                                  Sailors on The Road                            Roger George

Pan Revival                                                    Fiery                                                     Maestro

New Age Trendsetters                                    Du Du Yemi                                          Sparrow

Shades In Steel                                               Whole Day                                           Shurwaune Winchester

Rio Claro Koskeros                                         Latin On De Court                               De Fosto

Self Help Marines                                            Jessica                                                  Power

Highlighters                                                     Ah Feelin It                                           Baron

Jah Roots                                                       Black Man Have To                               Black Stalin

                                                                        Keep On Jammin

Conventional Bands Small

Starland Steel Orchestra                                  Patrick We Steppin Up With You         Preacher

San City Steel Symphony                                 Heat                                                    Crazy

Old Tech Steel Orchestra                                 Thunder Coming                                 Chucky                       

Mt. Moriah Pan Movement                             The Woman Hot Fuh So                       Crazy

Southern Marines Steelband Foundation        Musical Vengeance                             Anslem Douglas

Kalomo Kings                                                  Ten Commandments of Pan               Tony Prescott

Tornadoes Steel Orchestra                               Latin On The Court                              De Fosto

Antillean All Stars                                             Celebration Time                                 Steve Sealy

Alutrint La Brea Nightingales                           Latin On The Court                              De Fosto

Panosonic Connection                                   Thunder Coming                                 Chucky

Pan Elders                                                        Latin On The Court                              De Fosto

Longdenville Claytones                                   Pan In Paradise                                   Derek Seales

Trinidad Valley Harps                                       Can’t Get Enough                              Eunice Peters

Dow Village Music Makers                               Bass Man                                              Shadow

Southern All Stars                                             Celebration Time                                 Steve Sealy

Petrotrin Siparia Deltones                                Whole Day                                           Shurwayne Winchester           


Medium Bands

Couva Joylanders                                           Latin On the Court                              De Fosto                     

Lee Chong Pan Glow                                      Heat                                                    Crazy


Large Bands

Tropical Angel Harps                                       Latin On The Court                              De Fosto

NLCB Fonclaire                                                Heat                                                    Crazy

TCL Group Skiffle Bunch                                   Time To Breakaway                              Kerwin Trotman

Petrotrin Hatters                                              Pan Energy                                          Kenny J           

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