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Pan Caravan - for 2008
Pan Trinbago Tobago says Get on Board

Judging for Single Pan Bands Panorama Preliminaries in Tobago will take the form of a “Pan Caravan.”

The event takes place on one day, Saturday 19 January 2008, with six (6) bands performing their 2K8 Panorama selections before the panel of judges.

First off the starting blocks is Tobago Pan-thers playing “Bees’ Melody” at the Golden Lane Government Primary School, at 6:30 pm ending with Metro Stars at Pembroke Community Centre Hard Court at 10:00 pm. Their tune of choice is “The Will.”


The Tobago Single Pan Bands itinerary is as follows: -

Who? Playing What? When? Where? What Time?
Tobago Pan-thers
 Bees’ Melody (Aldwyn Roberts) Sat.19 Jan Golden Lane Govt. Primary
6:30 pm
Dem Boys
Picture On My Wall
(Oba Sinnette)
 Sat. 19 Jan Embees Supermarket Car Park, Mason Hall 7:15 pm
Pan Fantastics  
No, No We  Ain't Going Home
(Chris "Tambu" Herbert)
Sat. 19 Jan Herbert School Court Yard, Mason Hall Govt. Primary 7:40 pm
Get Down On It    No More Calypso
(Aldwyn Roberts)
 Sat. 19 Jan   Bacolet, Scarborough  8:15 pm
Hope Pan Groovers  Socouyant
(Edwin Ayoung)
 Sat.19 Jan  Hope Village  9:00 pm
Metro Stars 
 The Will
(Owen Reyes)
 Sat. 19 Jan  Pembroke Community Centre  10:00 pm


In other related news, seven (7) Conventional Bands in the sister isle will compete in the Preliminary round on Tuesday 22 January 2008 at the Dwight Yorke Stadium from 8:00 pm.  On that night (5) Medium Bands  ie Carib Dixieland, Katzenjammers, NLCB Bucconeers, Steel Xplosion and T&TEC New East Side Dimension and two (2)  Large Bands ie bmobile Our Boys and RBTT Redemption Soundsetters Steel Orchestras  will vie for places in the National Semi Finals at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain venue on Sunday 27 January 2008. (see schedule below).

Conventional Bands  -

Tuesday 22 January 2008 – Dwight Yorke Stadium,  Lambeau, Tobago   8:00 pm

Who? Playing What?
New Eastside Symphony  Wine on Something
(Austin Lyons (Blue Boy))
Steel Xplosion Get Down
(Anthony Johnson)
Katzenjammers Thunder Coming
Bucconeers  Hooked
Dixieland Puncenelly
(De Fosto)

Large Bands

Who? Playing What?
Redemption Soundsetters Puncenelly
(De Fosto)
Our Boys Mystery Band



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