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sung by Colin Lucas & Anselm Douglas
music by Mark Loquan & Ken Philmore
lyrics by Ken Philmore & Mark Loquan

arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph

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Colin Lucas & Anselm Douglas
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)
COTT 2008 All Rights Reserved

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Verse 1

Everybody calling we dangerous
We mashing hard, like a big big mack bus
We coming out with pans a-blazing
Musical warfare that is we ting
And you know that is just a beautiful feeling
Players and tuners, everybody ready
Masqueraders, even moko jumbie
We jamming hard we coming mighty
And you know we rolling heavy
Get out of the way...


Aye, yes we dangerous
And we coming strong
Mashing up de town
And nobody’s going to try to keep us down
Aye, yes we dangerous
And it go be rough,
Musical Genius
Come and bring yuh body, we going and free up
Yes, war declaring,
So we preparing, music
To wake up yuh soul this carnival
So beware that we coming
And them big trucks them running
For panorama, is war, is war, war, war, war

Verse 2

We eh go be making no joke this year
Musical vibes, tell the people beware
Blood, sweat and tears yuh know it flowing
We coming hard no time for joking
And ya know that is just a wonderful feeling
When we come to jam yuh go feel de force
No not this year, we eh taking no loss
Prepare yuhself because we coming
Guitar and Cello pan they strumming
Is pan in a rage...


Verse 3

I could feel de tension rising dis year
Festival time, we injecting real fear
Welders and fabricators working
Leaving a trail behind that smoking
And ya know that is just a fantastic feeling
Well ya know it going to be real pressure
Tell dem again dat we strong as ever
Get out de way, a champion coming
Look ya get yuh second warning
Is battle again...


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