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‘Pan Infekshun’

sung by “Youni-T”
composed by “Youni-T,” “Big Dawg” Alexander, & Earl “E.B.” Thomas



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Verse 1

I made a call to my doctor King Wellington
Told him that I am in need of an injection
My knees are weak,
Heart pounding, arms shiverin’
It seem mih hips and dem doc
They don’t wanna stop shakin’
He say he have the same affliction
We ketch carnival season pan infekshun

Chorus 1

Wave a rag, play ah mas, wine yuh hips
Come leh we go, chip we fe-et
To the beat in the street
Share the virus with all the people ya meet
You must do dis night and day
Every time a steel band play
It heals your - Pan infekshun

Verse 2

I have a friend they call him
Mitra Teach Lutchman
He say he students, all dem
Have the same problem
Jumpin’ around like dey
Have ants in they pants
And when they hear de pan play
Dey does start to dance (oh gorm!)
He say day all, catchin’ de virus
At carnival time, Teach bawl,
“Steel pan is infectious”

Chorus 1


Ah go tell every doctor (boom boom)
Ah doh wanna get better (boom boom)
I am happy with me Pan infekshun.

Verse 3

Boogsie Sharpe tell me
Not to get me-self check out
He say that’s what
Steel pan infekshun’s all about
When he arrangin’ he does
Spread the bug around
Whoever catch it,
Well is sickness all over de town
Spread de disease for Panorama
Winner suffer most, from de pan infekshun

Chorus 2

Pick it up, throw it down, Panorama style
In the Grand Savannah
Pan in A, Pan in B, Pan in C
Even in the rain-o-rama
Give me my medication
Dr. King Wellington
Oh Gosh! I have Pan Infection

Verse 4

Nobody thought that I could
Sing about de Pan
They say this White girl, here
Could never over-stand
But ah fool dem,
I took notes from de Grand Master
Aldwyn Roberts - aka
The Great Lord Kitchener
He say there is, no race restriction
Black White and the Red,
Play Pan ‘til we dead

Chorus 2

“Pan Infekshun”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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“Youni-T” (formerly “Niki Blonde”) was raised in the north woods of Wisconsin and has lived a “Gypsy” life ever since she left home at 18. Marching to the beat of her own drum, she has journeyed to South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Florida, and Kenya-Africa. Wherever she goes, her passion for music leads her to the spotlight as a female vocalist.

While in Florida, she was introduced to Juan “Fitz” Clouden, owner of “Glasshouse Recording Studio” in Miami, and “Big Dawg” Chief Engineer and Producer. Together, the three have created a NEW genre of music called “KaliedaBeat” (aka Collide-A- Beat). It is the fusion of Soca, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Soul and even Steel Pan. The end result is a “Kaleidoscope” of energy that will sweep the masses! Blonde is currently recording her first solo album, and inviting EVERYONE to join her on this musical quest to create “ONE World....ONE Vibe”.....

...PEACE! ....ONE!

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