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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Out on the Greens’

sung by K.V. Charles
composed by Nigel Diaz
lyrics by Amrit Samaroo
arranged by Kareem Brown



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Amrit Samaroo


This song “Out on the Greens” will be featured on an upcoming compilation called “Pan for Peace.”


When yuh see ah come in town this year panorama
Ah coming with two things in mind,
Ah really want to hear what them steel bands have to render,
and to see pretty woman wine,
it just have one place for that,
Semis, On the savannah grass,
Under the blazing sun,
Over meh favourite glass,
Smell roast corn,
Sight ah sweet woman,
Hold she and feel how she love to hear the steel pan.


Jamming in the ’Rama,
Wining down with mama,
Nothing like the semis out on the greens,
Ah coming from 8,
To open the gate,
Cause ah cya miss,
When them steelbands start to play they songs

Cya miss,
When them woman start to carry on,
And  the rhythm section,
klang klang klang klang klang kan ka tang,

Verse 2

Well the small band category does start the action,
While the crowd slowly starts to build,
All the posses setting camp by the rhythm section,
So between band they pumping still,
After listening of course,

Is where things real heat up,
When the medium steelbands,
Battle for the top spots,
No rest,
When the steelband done,
Cause the rhythm section continue with the big drum!

Verse 3

Boy by now ah feeling nice and the sun going down,
And excitement all through the air,
All the big band rolling on stage ready to shake town,
While the die hard supporters cheer,
Waiting for the count and is,

Just so,
An argument with two man,
Start up in front of me,
On who have the better band,
The band start,
And meh eh sky-lack,
Boy ah hold both they woman and they start to jam!

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“Out on the Greens” 
K.V. Charles

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)




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