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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Doh Meddle Wid Me’

sung by Kurt Allen
music by Earl Brooks
lyrics by Alvin Daniell

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Verse 1
Yuh playing de fool, Mister Bandit Man
Bow! Look yuh pass out one
Bow! Kill somebody young son
Yuh should be in school, Mister Bandit Man
Bow! Shooting just for fun,
Bow! Where did you get that gun
I just come out to practise, for de Panorama
Cyar tolerate stupidness, like you think here is Jamaica!
Or some war torn area, Angola!
Where dey shoot one another
Bow! Bow! Bow!

Don’t you meddle wid me
For panist not easy
I come from ah era of violence
I not looking for fight
I try to do what’s right
But I must do something in my defence
So let sleeping dogs lie
Or you going to say bye-bye
You do not want to awake my battle cry
So put down yuh gun
This nonsense must done
Yuh acting crazy, spoiling the country
Ah want to play meh pan in peace
Ah cyar depend on de police
You will see, how suddenly, I could unleash, ferocity, doh meddle wid me.

Verse 2
Ah just park meh car, Mister Bandit Man
Bow! Hear a painful cry
Bow! Bet that someone just die
That could have been me, Mister Bandit Man
Bow! What is going on,
Bow! Time for this thing to done
Police say is a gang ting, we don’t need to worry
He was part of a drug ring, so then here must be, Columbia
Where they kill one another, Panama
Execution de order
Bow! Bow! Bow!

Verse 3
Want to play my pan, Mister Bandit Man
Bow! Hit that special note
Bow! All my time I devote
You like Taliban, Mister Bandit Man
Bow! No regard for life
Bow! When it ent gun is knife
I have no problem if you, just want an early grave
But I about survival, right here in my sweet Trinbago!
And ah not leaving my sweet, Trinbago!
And ah doh want to hear no
Bow! Bow! Bow!

“Doh Meddle Wid Me”
Kurt Allen

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Earl Brooks

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This song is part of the 2010 calypso Compilation - Something Special produced by Alvin Daniell.  It is called “Doh Meddle Wid Me” and the music was composed by Earl Brooks.  Despite suffering a recent heart attack Brooks was able to compose the music for this piece.

The vocalist is Kurt Allen who is well known for his powerful social commentaries that have placed him in the finals of the annual Trinidad & Tobago Calypso Monarch competition on many occasions.  Allen is also a former Soca Monarch winner. “Doh Meddle Wid Me” will be played by Hatters Steel Orchestra out of south Trinidad, for Panorama 2010.


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