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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Musical Magnum’

sung by Natalie Yorke
composed by Robert Greenidge
lyrics by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

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Verse 1
The history of Pan will show them clearly
A big hand was played by Lavanti
Ah say they have to know they must know
Pan come from up Lavanti
The genesis, the chromosome, the hood
We are the natural home of these chandeliers
Now smiling in they chrome
No more tamboo bamboo and old iron, trash can, old stand
And a jamette yard of woman
No more ugly ragamuffin caravan
Pan is we mentor, the epi-center
Is pan whey synchronize we all together
In the loving bosom of the oil drum
Life does become platinum

Cause there is a flambeau that does burn in a Desperado
To light the rainbow that is Trinidad and Tobago
And when that fire start to blaze in a panorama
And pan stick start to follow hammer
You going to feel we soul signature
Pan is we magnum - pow!
Loaded with riddum - pow!
That one million digit - pow!
That is we target
Warn all who come
In dis theatre of the drum

Plenty band goin’ to fall,
When yuh hear the shot call, plenty big band go fall
When you hear we shot call, all them big band go fall
When desperadoes call, all them big band go fall,
When yuh hear the shot call, call, call ...
When desperadoes call, call, call ...
Magnum ...

Verse 2
The music barrel is never empty
It keep revolving with melody
Ah say they have to hear they must hear
The beautiful harmony
The front, the middle and background
Sweet and clean digital sound
Like pure hypnosis, knocking people down
No more tamboo bamboo and old iron, trash can, old stand
Everybody want a steelband
It’s the prime export from my Trinbago land
Every sharpshooter, come Panorama
With they frontline smoking with high tenor
When they play this song and lights go down
We aiming strong for cash and crown

Verse 3
The ugly days of Pan, them days gone thru’
Ah new dispensation now in view
Ah say the world would see they must see
What simple oil drums could do
Doctors, lawyers, socialites
Pretty girls and tinymites
Jammin’ together making the future bright
No more tamboo bamboo and old iron, trash can, old stan’
Is beautiful syncopation
From calypso to the classics bar none
Terror did say Pan, sweeter than organ
It is therapeutic, to change a hooligan
When a steelband run, man does get stun
Big vagabond does throw way gun

“Musical Magnum”
Natalie Yorke

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Robert Greenidge

Arranger, Composer, Steel Drum & Recording Artist Robert Greenidge was born in Success Village, Laventille, Trinidad, West Indies on 28 April 1950.  His first playing experience came under the direction of an uncle, Carl Greenidge who was a renowned arranger and tuner.  At the tender age of eight, he began executing the art of the steel drums with the Savoys Steel Orchestra. Possessing an artistic ear for playing various types of compositions, he was recruited at the age of fifteen by Trinidad’s leading steel orchestra ‘Desperadoes,’ winning several prestigious awards including: the Prime Minister Trophy, The Triple Crown, The Governor’s General Cup, and the Music Festival Trophy.

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At sixteen Robert Greenidge performed at the First Negro Arts Festival in Africa, and during the following year 1967, he performed at the Montreal Exposition in Canada, followed by an extensive tour to London, Zambia and New York in 1968.  In 1970 he was chosen to represent Trinidad and Tobago, both as a soloist and a member of Trinidad National Steel Orchestra.

In 1971 Robert Greenidge migrated to New York City, to study composing and arranging at the Third Street Musical Conservatory.  He toured with the Music Makers Steel Orchestra for the next two years through California and Nevada.  Greenidge settled in Los Angeles, California in 1974.  He recorded with various artists such as, Maurice White, Earth Wind & Fire, and John Lennon and Ringo Starr of the Beatles - just to name a few.

By 1978 Robert Greenidge returned to Trinidad to work with Rudolph Charles (Desperadoes), one of the innovators of a newly-designed steel drum which required hand and foot coordination, dexterity and speed. His expertise brought the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra to a new height in music.  Ever since the Trinidad Carnival of 1979, Greenidge returns to Trinidad every year to play.

Robert Greenidge’s awesome pan solos can be heard on numerous movie soundtracks including Brothers, Hard to Kill, 48 Hours and Cool Runnings. He has also performed on television with the Jackson Five, on the Love Boat and the Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

In 1992 Robert Greenidge performed for the president of the United States – at President Clinton’s inauguration, and again for Clinton’s surprise birthday party at the White House in August 1995.  He continues to tour with Jimmy Buffet and his own group “the Club Trini Band.”  He has the honor of performing perhaps the most well known pan solo of all time on Grover Washington Jr’s “Just the Two of Us.”

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