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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Pan and Calypso’

sung by Crazy
composed by Jeff Narell

lyrics by Edwin Ayoung



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Jeff Narell

photo by John Spragens

Jeff Narell is an internationally known steel panist, Afro-Caribbean percussionist, educator-clinician, and recording artist who has dedicated his life to promoting the artform and expanding the musical range of the steel pan.

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Jeff was initiated into the world of steel pan at the age of eleven by the very first West Indians to arrive in New York City with authentic knowledge. Pan became his passion and a gift that he has passed down to new generations. In schools from elementary through university, and through music programs under the auspices of the San Francisco Symphony Education Department, Jeff has introduced tens of thousands of students to steel pans.

Equally at home with the traditional steel band or as a soloist in contemporary musical settings, he has played on four big box office Hollywood movies, worked with Olatungi, Bobby McFerrin, George Benson, The Grateful Dead and appeared as guest artist-composer on the Grammy nominated Patato, Changuito, Vilato: Rhythm at the Crossroads CD in the Latin Jazz category. Narell received the Hollywood Dramalogue award for best theatrical score for The Tempest commissioned by the California Shakespeare Co.

Jeff’s original composition “Ellie Man” was a top tune played by steel orchestras island wide for Trinidad Carnival 2003. A tribute to his mentor, Ellie Mannette, the father of the modern steel pan, it was sung and recorded in collaboration with Trini calypso star Crazy and performed by Ellie’s original steel orchestra, Invaders, at Panorama. The tune of choice by steel orchestras in five countries, Ellie Man captured the crown in Toronto’s Caribana Festival.

Performing live and producing his original CDs, Jeff continues to forge a unique musical vision with pan.

from www.jeffnarell.com

After their successful collaboration with “ELLIE MAN”, a tribute song for Ellie Mannette, and the tune of choice for steel bands in panorama in 5 countries for CARNIVAL 2003, Jeff Narell and Crazy are back again with “PAN & CALYPSO” - the tune has a distinct Latin flavor celebrating 2 of Trinidad and Tobago’s great art forms and musical gifts to the world.

Pan & Calypso

Pan & Calypso- dance to the beat and the tempo
Pan & Calypso- feelin the feelin to leggo
Pan & Calypso- will make you shake like a Shango
Pan & Calypso- party all night ‘till tomorrow

Going back in history
In the 20th century
Calypso music and pan
2 new inventions oh what a bang
They struggled hard just to survive
So the culture could stay alive
So we want de people to know
Pan & Calypso from Trinbago

Carnival time we see
Everybody in their glory
Jumpin up in a band
To de calypso and de steel band
Men like Raymond Quevedo
And Lionel Belasco
Ellie Mannette and Spree Simon
These are the pioneers of the land

Pan music really sweet
And de calypso beat
Will knock you off of your feet
Pan is really sweet and calypso beat
Knock you off your feetS

Under de coconut tree
Or sitting down by the sea
When you hear pan and calypso
Joy and happiness start to flow
Anywhere in de world you go
America or Tokyo
Tell dem de calypso and pan
Was invented by Trinbagonian


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“Pan and Calypso”

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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