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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME


sung by Destra Garcia
composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore
lyrics by Destra Garcia
arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph/Mark Loquan/Ken Philmore
pan by Ken “Professor” Philmore



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Destra Garcia

Ken “Professor” Philmore

Mark Loquan

THEME : “Leh we go back, to loving pan.”

This was a song I had done 10 years ago which was in raw form as a demo with only a melody. It was intended for an album after Passion for Pan, which I never completed. I pulled it out of the cobweb, and the first time Ken heard it, he was blown away.

This was a year after I went to Africa, we both thought we were not going to do any music for 2010. Instead after hearing this, Ken and I ended up doing 2 songs for 2010, this one and Surrender. We could never predict how the creative energy would flow, nor can you stop it. With Destra’s creative lyrics and unique voice, and Junior “Ibo” Joseph’s magic in the studio, the song finally came to life 10 years later for the pan community it was intended for.

The concept Destra used was clever, making the instrument analagous to a woman who is neglected at home, but appreciated outside. In the past the streets at Carnival time was filled with steelbands, now it is dominated by the big trucks with deejays. The woman (pan) begging for the love she used to get before.

Mark Loquan


(Time to rewind, time to rewind, go back in time) x2
Go back in time, time to rewind
We go wine, we go grind, we go get on bad
Leh we go, back in time, time to rewind


I give you my virgin melody
Singing my love in harmony
Tune in de night, man ecstasy
My evolution was you
(remember when I was the one you desire)
I thought that we made a breakthrough
Pitch oil pan, oil drum we pass through
It’s been so long since I saw you
Could it be that somebody new has control over you


Leh we go back, to when love was new
To the savannah, the North Stand crew
You used to love me, I still love you
We cyar give up, we come too far, this is who we are
Leh we go back, to the glory days
Before dem big truck, and big deejays
We used to set all dem bands ablaze
Rhythm in we feet, fire underneath
Iron in the heat, never feel so sweet....leh we go back baby


You used to make me feel sexy
Lately all I feel is lonely
You have no time to romance me
This part-time love have to stop
(ah begging, ah begging, ah begging, ah begging)
We used to work it all night long
Till we get tired break ah dawn
So baby tell me what went wrong
All your passion for me, so weak after it was so strong



Leh we go back to you and me
Forsake all others strong are we
Leh we go back, back to what we know
Leh we go back, lead I will follow
Leh we go back to that

Intro Jam


I does get love up everywhere
Brooklyn to Berlin, anywhere
Feel like royalty when I’m there
So tell me why yuh act like I don’t exist
Every time that I’m here

CHORUS and repeat


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Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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