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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Scratch Attack’

sung by “Crazy” 
composed by Amrit Samaroo
arranged by Kareem Brown



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Amrit Samaroo



Crazy has  again teamed up with Amrit Samaroo to produce what they both expect  to be a successful piece come 2010, “Scratch Attack.”

This song will be featured in an upcoming compilation called “Pan for Peace.”

In 2007 Amrit Samaroo and veteran writer, producer and performing artist Crazy came together and produced the steelband music hit Band From Space.  It was one of steelband music’s most played songs ever.  There was scarcely a steel orchestra that did not play “Band From Space” either as their panorama selection, or as part of their stage side music set.

In 2008 the duo followed up with “Heat,” while for 2009 the Amrit/Crazy collaboration brought forth “Pan Baby.”


Ah had a little ‘pot hong’ he name was Fred,
Fred had a problem that was so damn dred,

Every time, Fred would go out and play,
He would come back home scratching like a stray,
Ah try everything that was anything just to stop the scratching you know,
But if the damn dog did just keep he tail home he won’t be so.

Oh Fred, my l’il pot hong really had it bad,
He used to be scratching day and night all in meh yard,
But he gained so much attention,
Cause it sound like sweet percussion,
People used to jump and carry on…

Scratch Attack!
Meh doggy he going mad scratching night and day,

Scratch Attack!
People come from all over to hear him scratch away,

Scratch Attack!
When he start to scratch you getting excitement in the beat,

Scratch Attack!
Fred boy yuh really sounding sweet!

He scratching and barking and getting on bad,
Meh lil pot hong scratching all over the yard.

Verse 2
Well people use to come by me day and night,
Just to hair my dog scratch with all his might,
But one day, the place get quiet just so,
The dog disappear like he just get up and go,
So ah worried now cause ah don’t know how to get back this mongrel I love,
Ah can’t relax ah can’t eat or sleep, its all I’m thinking of.

Verse  3
Time went on and still I ain’t see no sign,
Ah try to tell myself that Fred doing fine,
Till I see something on my TV set,
Panorama night, I could ah throw ah fete,
On Stage after winning ah steelband captain come on T.V. and said,
Thanks to the scratcher in front the band this little dog name Fred.


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“Scratch Attack” 

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)




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