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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2010 - HOME

‘Somewhere in Tobago’

sung by Steve Sealy
composed by Avis Bruce and Amrit Samaroo
arranged by Kareem Brown



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Amrit Samaroo



Avis Bruce

Avis Bruce is a professional steelpan musician, arranger, composer and music tutor.  She has been a member of the present Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Symphony Orchestra from its inception; in addition she was a member of the former Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Orchestra. She is currently reading for her Bachelors in Musical Arts at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. For 2010 Avis collaborated with Amrit Samaroo for the upcoming panorama season, composing a song titled “Somewhere In Tobago.”

Composed by Amrit Samaroo and Avis Bruce, “Somewhere in Tobago” will be featured on an upcoming compilation called “Pan for Peace.”


Verse 1
Well, ah heard a glorious sound,
While liming on the drag panorama night,
It wasn’t Despers band they just take their flight,
Ah walked to see this big, big steel band just jamming to the beat,
Some people was jumping up,
But all moved their feet.

But they didn’t have a flag,
In front the band,
Ah small girl was wining hard,
Like she going mad.

Man, ah was really surprised,
To see them guys,
How they does jump and they play,
Breaking away,
Rolling and spin when they jam,
Ah hear the crowd say.

Where this band come from,
Somewhere in Tobago
Where this band come from,
Somewhere in Tobago
Mighty Shadow playing bass,
Shurwayne come to take ah taste,
Rosie jumping to the beat,
Nelson say 'them sounding sweet!'

Oh what a show,
I really want to know,
Where they from,
Somewhere in Tobago.

Verse 2
Next morning the arrangement still in meh head and ah really feeling weird,
Them fellas music, Shake meh outa bed

Ah just want to know, where in Tobago this band was truly from,
Which little village could produce that sound,

Like this have meh going insane,
Ah cya explain,
What going on in meh brain,
Lord it’s a strain,

Ah cya stand this thing again,
So ah take ah plane,

Where I going to,
Ah don’t have a clue,
All that I know ah not leaving till I get through.

Verse 3
As the plane touch down, my search began for this hidden orchestra,
Ah asking question to all I saw,

They send me all over to places I thought I would of never see,
Carnbee to Charlotteville to Adelphi,

But when I come back down,
To the town,
I heard ah sound,
With ah sweet sweet pound,

The band I looking for,
Was on the radio,

But as soon as they done,
Announcer come on,
And soon as he say, “that’s our band from”, the current gone!

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“Somewhere in Tobago” 
Steve Sealy

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)




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