Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Tribute to Neville Jules’

sung by Lasana
composed by Denis Cox



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Verse 1
Neville Jules has played a part in the steel band
All the rules he set apart through innovation
As a little boy playing pan was his joy
Used to run away by the pan yard to go and play
On becoming a man pan was his ambition
Grundig and cuatro pan-
Neville needs due recognition

Neville pioneer of the steel pan
Neville, Oh what a great champion
Neville -So humble and dedicated
Neville-so nimble, invigourated-
Music man-tune a pan
Build a stand
Drill a band
Music is his world
Pan his heart and soul
Take pan music across throughout the world was his goal
Play harps of gold!

Verse 2

Uncle Ville has struggled on throughout the years
Showed the will besides the fears, blood, sweat and tears
In the bad john days Neville caught up in the craze
And in the steelband clash ah hear Neville pelt two lash
In pan hall of fame time we etch Neville’s name
High points of his career when All Stars win the panorama.


Verse 3
Neville has stood out tall fighting for pan
Pan in schools, in concert halls- world recognition
As a true stalwart- Neville serious with his art
Among friends and foe- Neville Jules another pan maestro
The old pan dynasty knighted Mannette and Winston Spree
So let the truth be told-
Jules’ an icon in the pan world.

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“Tribute to Neville Jules”

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Soca artist Lasana

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Calypso and steelpan   My early introduction to the artform was through pan where I played the guitar pan at age eight. I later moved to writing and singing calypso at school and participated in my school’s annual calypso competition. After leaving secondary school (Point Fortin College) I participated in the Point Fortin calypso competition in the 80’s and 90’s against bards like King Luta and Cro Cro, who beat me at all attempts.

Calypso recordings

In 1980, I recorded my first calypso-Rockers party which gained raving reviews and was featured regularly as on our only television station-TTT. The last time it was featured ironically was during the 1990 insurrection. In 1983 I followed up with King Carnival which is a classic in its own right and in 1985, Fire the Bossman. I took a hiatus from 1986 since some radio personalities indicated that Fire the Bossman was highly political, being released in the election year.

Calypso administration

I have been an executive member of TRINBAGO UNIFIED CALYPSONIANS ORGANISATION (TUCO) for several years and currently hold the position as Treasurer. I am also a member of the Kaiso House Management Committee. For carnival 2011, Lasana presents the third part of a trilogy with a song entitled, Mama Doh Cry which follows Ghostbusters (2009) and Jah Coming (2010).

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