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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘We Own the Night’

sung by Shivonne “Lil’ Bitts” Churche
composed by Talib Robinson



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Verse 1
It’s time to leave from this pan yard
nd make we way up de roadd
e landing in de savannahh
ike a bomb we’ll make it explode (tick tick tick BOOM!))

Ah doh want to hear bout 2nd
Don’t tell me nothing bout last
Tonight we coming for victory
Tonight we cutting they aaaaaaa......

When they set those mics up
And the stage done light up
We came here with one objective

We ready to breakaway (Yeah!)
And we ready to ramajay (Yeah!)
So if you feel dat yuh stopping this band tonight.


Well papi yuh lie
Cause we own de night
No you can’t deny
Cause we own the night
Don’t care how they try
Cause we own the night
Don’t look for no tie
Cause we own the night

Verse 2

We uniforms looking crispy
Like monarchs waiting to crown
This band is about unity
One hundred soldiers but 1 sound.

We marching like we are Spartans
All focused on de same goal
Nothing you do will stop us
Because we playing this from we soul
De arranger counting
Time to climb de mountain
We came here with one objective

We ready to breakaway (Yeah!)
And we ready to ramajay (Yeah!)
So if you feel dat yuh stopping this band tonight.


Well papi yuh lie
Cause we own de night
No you can’t deny
Cause we own the night
Doh care who we beat
Cause we own the night
We have a receipt
Cause we own the night

Verse 3

We rolling through the savannah
We coming down on the trail
It have nobody could beat us
And it have no way we could fail

We finally reach on the stage now
We setting up for the stands
De people waiting patiently
They want to hear de number one band

When dem pans stop singing
We hands won’t be swinging
They’ll be holding on to glory
We winning this one tonight
Doh even bother to fight
We celebrating until the sky meets the light


Yuh know that I’m right
Cause we own de night
Doh bother to fight
Cause we own the night
Doh care who we beat
Cause we own the night
Eh look meh receipt
’Cause we own the night

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“We Own the Night”
Lil’ Bitts

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Soca artist Shivonne "LIL' BITTS" Churche
Shivonne “Lil’ Bitts” Churche

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Born on October 31, Shivonne Liesl-Anne Churche is also known to the music world as Lil’ Bitts. Named after Liesl the oldest girl in the Sound of Music, her mother Emerita Sambrano-Churche knew that she was going to be a singer.

In the early years she showed early signs that she was going to be a performer. She attended Sacred Heart Girls’ RC School, Woodbrook Government Secondary and Trinizuela College during that period she participated in many competitions calypso and soca competitions where she won and also was a finalist.

At 17 Lil’ Bitts made the conversion from calypso to soca when she performed in the Junior Soca Monarch Competition. From that point the young artist knew she wanted to perform full time.

In 2004 she made her first break through performing a song called “In My Country” featuring Bunji Garlin. As the years went by she added more hits to her name, like “Crush” featuring Sean Caruth, and “Bump,” one of her biggest songs to date - both of which were written by Kernal Roberts. “Crush” enabled Lil’ Bitts to make her first debut into the International Groovy Monarch Competition. It was followed by “Esta Fiesta” written by Lil’ Bitts.

Later on, she added “Hold Meh” and “Careful” both written by her brother Sherrard Churche who is also her manager. “Careful” enabled her to make it to the International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition once again.

Currently she is doing her Associate Degree in Performing Arts at COSTAATT. She has performed in Guyana, Grenada, St. Vincent, Toronto, New York, Miami, Bermuda, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Antigua.

Composer and panist Talib Robinson 
Composer and panist Talib Robinson

Talib Robinson, composer, producer, arranger, clinician, adjudicator and performer, has been an active member of the pan fraternity for over 18 years. Talib studied classical music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Northern Illinois University under the direct tutelage of pan virtuoso Liam Teague, Pan Trinbago’s “pan legend” award recipient Clifford Alexis.

He has performed at numerous events, concerts and festivals throughout the western hemisphere with some of the pan community’s elite members such as Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Ray Holman and the late great Clive Bradley. He has also arranged and performed in conventional brass bands behind calypsonians Denyse Plummer, Black Stalin, The Baron and David Rudder, Iwer George. In March of 2006 he had the privilege of performing with the Chicago Sinfonietta at the legendary Orchestra Hall in Chicago, IL under the baton of Maestro Paul Freeman.

Talib is anxious to continue stretching the boundaries of this great instrument and assisting in it’s universal appeal and acceptance on a global stage where it belongs.

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