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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Pan for Peace’

sung by Sheldon Reid
music by Kygel Benjamin
lyrics by Amrit Samaroo



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Verse 1
I couldn’t believe
When I heard stories
’Bout a shooting in my band

I just couldn’t comprehend,
And asked when will this thing end

There must be ah way,
Ah next way to say

Just cool it

So ah came with this song,
ah humble contribution,

Panman north west south and east
There is no need to call police,

Hear this!
Let we play pan for peace,

When we play pan,
We on ah mission,
An intervention!

Call Every steelband,
In the nation,
Come leh we all jam,

And use the ’Rama as a forum,
Forget the fight down,
And competition,
The youths need we attention,

Let love increase,
And leh we play pan for peace

Verse 2
Yes I could recall,
For past carnivals,
People used to be carefree,

Yuh could ah go out anytime,
And doh study crime,

How come those days done,
Where did we go wrong,

Please tell me

Imagine things get so bad,
Icons leave their own yard,

It’s beyond insanity,
No remorse for community,

That’s why,
We need the pan for peace.

Youth man please realise,
Life is more than ah price,

When yuh hit another one,
Yuh sinking the nation

Time to bring back the love!
Trinbago needs you to move forward

Verse 3

I know that things hard,
And you might think I mad,
But I know what we can do,

If we all just put ah hand,
We could turn this country ’round,

Let’s start with the youth,
’Cause they are the roots,
Of tomorrow

Instill love and respect,
Discipline and what’s correct

Let them know about the past,
Our achievements and future tasks

Then teach them,
how to play pan for peace.

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“Pan for Peace”
Sheldon Reid

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Visit When Steel Talks

The music of Kygel Benjamin came together with the lyrics of respected steelband arranger and composer Amrit Samaroo after a close friend of both - a mother of three and a long-standing member of Desperadoes - was hit by a bullet outside her own steel band’s yard.

Thankfully she was not severely injured but it was still too much to bear.  Kygel and Amrit moved then to make a statement in song to highlight the situation on ‘The Hill’ which had already seen the great institution of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra fleeing to ‘quieter parts’ on the foot of their once majestic throne.

The situation has since eased considerably but, say the songwriters, “This melodic plea is to make us aware that we all have a part to play - however big or small - in keeping the peace.  We have to ensure that never again should the ‘pan titan,’ that is Desperadoes, be moved from their own home.”

Pan for Peace is vocalised by the former Young King Sheldon Reid.

Lyricist, composer and steelband arranger, Amrit Samaroo
Lyricist, composer and steelband arranger, Amrit Samaroo

Amrit Samaroo is the multitalented award-winning steel orchestra panorama music arranger, songwriter, performing artist, producer and educator. In the preceding years Amrit has penned some of the most memorable steelband music pieces in recent times.

Amrit is also the son of Dr. Jit Samaroo, the former master arranger of the renowned Renegades Steel Orchestra.

 More on Amrit Samaroo

Kygel Benjamin on drums with Trinidad All Stars for Carnival 2009
Kygel Benjamin on drums with Trinidad All Stars for Carnival 2009

Kygel Benjamin’s first real encounter with the Steel Pan took place on an excursion to the beach.  It was the 90’s and on the buses, the music was provided by 'Single Pans' with (rittim) 'Rhythm Section'.  Kygel, a youngster, was amused by the guys and begged to play or 'take a knock' as they would say, and to their apparent surprise, he was making some sense. The next day 'Uncle Bob' (Bertrand 'Bob' Thomas)  gave him a pair of sticks and sent him to Blue Diamonds Steel Orchestra.

From then on there was no looking back. He quickly became familiar with all the instruments of the steelpan family (including percussion).  In 2000, he entered secondary school and developed his early musicianship under his influential and inspirational music teacher/‘second Mom,’ Odessa Vincent Brown.

 During his time there, he gradually moved up the ranks of the SEPOS (South East Port-of-Spain) Steel Orchestra and began adapting music for the group. By this time he had already joined Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra and was working his way to becoming a regular choice player.

To date, Kygel has done arrangements and adaptations for various groups including SEPOS, Fatima RC, IS WE, Amantes de Parranda and Trinidad All Stars, most of which he was a member.

In 2007, he completed his Certificate in Music at the University of the West Indies, and looks forward to acquiring his Bachelors in Musical Arts in the near future.  Also in 2007 he became a member of the then newly-formed National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO), where he remains employed presently.

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