Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME


sung by Crazy
composed by Amrit Samaroo



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Verse 1
They have a savannah
In Puerta Espana
Where the best are compared
And do battle every year

They come from all regions
All over the nation
They coming for their share
And each coming with no fear

Every year you will find
That they have one thing in mind

To conquer the ’Rama on their own
So with venom they perform
Fire in their wrist
Whoever test do it at their risk

So when they come in town – singing this song
Is a (Grand showdown – in the big yard)
They coming down with deadly intentions
(Grand showdown – in the big yard)

Who coming with the fastest draw - oh
To have the audience in awe - oh
And then leave with the highest score - oh
I can’t miss this one in the big yard
Grand showdown – grand showdown – grand showdown
Can’t miss this one in the steelband town

Verse 2
This year they go jam them
This year when they meet them
If you hear how they plan
To deal with all them steelband

We strengthen each section
This year go be action
We go send them insane
When we roll in Port of Spain

So they paint up they rack
Preparing for their attack
They dress fine and in line for their assault
Now they ready to give we
A show of we life
And blow way the competition tonight


Verse 3
This musical shoot out
Had one with north and south
With south beating they chest
Saying – they go clear the rest

But north staying quiet
Sticking to their diet
What they have up their sleeve
People - waiting just to see

But south came like a storm
And blow out the other bands

Then they came to the gates of the big yard

But like iron the north stand
And before too long
A little iron man swing and lick south down

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Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Visit When Steel Talks

Crazy has again teamed up with Amrit Samaroo to produce what they both expect to be a successful piece come 2011, “Showdown.”

In 2007 Amrit Samaroo and veteran writer, producer and performing artist Crazy came together and produced the steelband music hit Band From Space. It was one of steelband music’s most played songs ever. There was scarcely a steel orchestra that did not play “Band From Space” either as their panorama selection, or as part of their stage side music set.

In 2008 the duo followed up with “Heat,” while for 2009 the Amrit/Crazy collaboration brought forth “Pan Baby.” Last year, 2010 the duo offered “Scratch Attack.”

Lyricist, composer and steelband arranger, Amrit Samaroo
Lyricist, composer and steelband arranger, Amrit Samaroo

Amrit Samaroo is the multitalented award-winning steel orchestra panorama music arranger, songwriter, performing artist, producer and educator. In the preceding years Amrit has penned some of the most memorable steelband music pieces in recent times.

Amrit is also the son of Dr. Jit Samaroo, the former master arranger of the renowned Renegades Steel Orchestra.

More on Amrit Samaroo

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