Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘Something Different’

sung by Sheldon Reid
music by Natasha Joseph
lyrics by Franklyn Olliviera & Natasha Joseph



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Verse 1
It was a different thinking that came into mind,
To compose a song for this modern time
The timeless hits of long ago,
As we all know
Set the trend for others to follow
With this inspiration, I took in front to compose a song with a new vision
Something different is an innovation

Something Different
For the panman and panwoman
That could mash up the Grand Stand
With a steady rhythmn
Something different
For the panorama this year
When the judge give the all clear
We mashing up without fear

Great Melody
Sweet Harmony
A Symphony
Pan in a rage
Light up de stage
For panorama

Verse 2
I had a conversation with one of my comrades
About the upcoming competition
New motivation is what I looking for this year
We need a lil more stimulation
Every year is the same thing
pong pang pang ping
I want something to have me jumping up
Something different for we presentation

Verse 3

It took a start from the heart for
others to follow...TO
Continue the good work of tomorrow
A few lines could make a difference
Just take a chance
I will be the first to make a stance
You could improvise but do not stray
To have something different, it is here to stay
something different is my declaration

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“Something Different”
Sheldon Reid

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Vocalist Sheldon Reid
Sheldon Reid

Natasha Joseph
Natasha Joseph

Arranger, producer, steelpan and music tutor Natasha Joseph started playing the steelpan at age 15 in 1991 as a student of Malick Secondary Comprehensive School, Trinidad, and within 3 months she was arranging for the school’s steel orchestra under the mentorship of Mr. Richard Gaskin.

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A former member of Panazz Players, Natasha has been a musical ambassador for Trinidad & Tobago in the USA, Japan, England and the Caribbean doing Jazz Festivals, concerts and workshops.  Her most recent engagements have been a steelpan workshop at W.T. Chipman Middle School in Dover, Delaware; a jazz concert at the Schwartz Center with vibraphonist Joe Baione, and as a Guest Facilitator at the 2010 FCB Steelpan and Jazz Workshops in October 2010.

Natasha hooked up with long-time Panazz Players bandmate Kareem Brown of Green Room Studios on the production of this, her first attempt at a composition for Pan.  She is looking forward to again working with Green Room in the near future.

Franklyn Olliviera
Franklyn Olliviera

Franklyn Olliviera - who also wrote the lyrics for Pan Army, Phase II Pan Groove’s 2010 Panorama selection, is a good friend of Natasha Joseph.  Upon hearing that she had composed a song, Olliviera came together with Joseph to co-write the lyrics of “Something Different.”

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