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‘Trini Explosion’

sung by Andrew “Yellows” Fareira
composed by Andrew Fareira



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Verse 1
In a Trini explosion, if yuh see commotion, pang pa dang pang
Mama dat was something to see
Trinbago in confusion, with thousands of panmen, pang pa dang pang
Everybody ramajaying
I thought was an earthquake, but I made a mistake, pang pa dang pang
When dem pan men come out to jam, jam, jam
If yuh see dem how they masquerading
Dem pan men and all dem pan women
Explosion was near fatal so I join dem in de band
With meh pan sticks and dem in meh hand
I playing for any band
The world’s greatest orchestra jamming sweet
We had masqueraders on deh feet, with a Trini explosion.

Pan Pan, Pan Explosion, Pan Pan, Pan Explosion
Watch it how we coming, we go paint the town in red, Pan Explosion!
Pan Pan, Pan Explosion, Pan Pan, Pan Explosion!
Pan, Pan, Cyar stop we at all
Hey! Play de pan, play de pan, Mister pan man, cyar stop we at all
Play de pan, play de pan, Play yuh pan man, cyar stop we at all, Hey!

Verse 2
After the explosion, it had repercussion, pang pa dang pang
Well like people just went crazy
San’do to Port of Spain, strange things was happening, pang pa dang pang
What I see had meh uneasy
Down in Marabella, the women take over, pang pa dang pang
How they control the jam session, ’sion, ’sion
Was a pan side wid only woman
De man and dem was pushing de pan
Masqueraders up in ecstasy, Ah hearing ah sweet melody
Like dis pan side come from outer space, Integration had no disgrace
It had Indian, Black, White and Chinese
They were playing in one harmony, in this Trini Explosion.


Verse 3
They find a solution, to end this confusion, pang pa dang pang
Yes they concoct an antidote
These doctors of music, they really terrific, pang pa dang pang
Check out de idea they come up with
Mix town band with South Band, that should ease the tension
Yes dat is what we talking about, ’bout, ’bout
Bring Renegades, mix them with Hatters
Bring Phase Two, mix them with Skiffle Bunch
Desperadoes, between you and me, we go send them Sipari’
Bring Exodus, mix them with Fonclaire, then Explosion going to clear de air
Then we form a National Orchestra
That should cool the pan temperature, of this Trini Explosion.

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“Trini Explosion”
Andrew “Yellows” Fareira

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Andrew "Yellows" Fareire
Andrew “Yellows” Fareira

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Andrew Fareira known in the Calypso world as “Yellows” grew up in a musical family. His father played in a band called “Jarroo Brothers” and taught him to play the guitar and steelpan. Andrew began composing when he was 25 and is best known for the song Ting Tang which he composed and gave to calypsonian “Blackie.”  Tropical Angel Harps played it in the National Panorama 1999 and won the South Zone and placed 4th in the Finals.

As a calypsonian he made his debut in 1990. He currently performs at “Kitch’s Revue” Tent. He composes most of his songs and has written many songs for the pan. However the selection Trini Explosion is his first recording of a song for the pan which is featured on the “2011 Calypso Compilation – It’s Showtime” produced by Alvin Daniell on the MAJOR and minor Productions label.

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