Steelband Panorama 2011

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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011 - HOME

‘We the People’

sung by Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung
composed by Winsford Devine and Edwin Ayoung



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Verse 1
In Trinidad - and Tobago
Politics - was we and them
It was - never meant to be so
According to the anthem
But ethnic insecurity
Was maintained to divide us
By some people in the country
To sow the seeds of distrust
But we have - forged a new system
Within the community
Now what used to be we and them
Has now become only “WE”

From now on - this nation is “WE” From now on - it is you and I From now on - it is unity
From now on - we flying high
All the races - have come together
To build a better country
And create - a brighter future
For the - whole society
The ‘we’ and ‘them’ - thing is no more
Because it is plain to see
In this country from shore to shore
The community is “WE”
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we
No more ‘we’ and ‘them’ – From now on
This nation is we - we – we

Verse 2
Some ancestors - came from India
And some came - from Africa
Look today their descendants are here
Co-existing together
There are others who came here too
The Chinese - Syrians and such
Native people they are just a few
In this land - we love so much
But the politics of the day
And the love - for a party
Caused people - to begin to say
Them is them - and we is we-but

Chorus 2
From now on this country is we
And from now - on we shall be one
From now on - that’s how we shall be
From now on - the racism done
That is why - united we stand
The people of Trinbago
One country, one nation, one island
Of steelband and calypso
It is Trinidad and Tobago
Better known as T&T
And we want the whole world to know
We see ourselves as we
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we

Verse 3
Mother Africa - and India
In this nation - is no more
And mother China done disappear
Gone away - for good I’m sure
If we want to build this great nation
There can be - no we and them
In spite of ethnical persuasion
You can fit in the system
Side by side - we stand - hand in hand
Within the society
In this here paradise island
because you and I means we

Chorus 3
From now on - Laventille is we
From now on - race do not matter
From now on -we means unity
From now on - we are together
We cannot be divided again
For this is a new era
And united we all shall remain
Looking out - for each other
Eric tell we - Massa day done
Today it is plain to see
A new paradigm has begun
And that paradigm is we
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we

Verse 4
Most politicians - have tried their best
To keep us - subdivided
Some of their policies would attest
But now we are united
Using that old - colonial scheme
They sought to divide and rule
Because - if we are not a team
We are - more easy to fool
They had us all fighting each other
Causing misery and pain
Now all these times -are gone forever
And we vow - never again

Chorus 4
From now on - Trinidad is we
From now on - we are really free
From now on - Tobago shall be
From now on - standing equally
No more African - no more Indian
We all shall be - citizens
Forged together as one whole nation
Though we are - different persons
Done away with the we and them
In this land of La Trinity
Whenever - we sing the anthem
From now on - is only we
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we
No more we & them – From now on
This nation is we - we – we

We is who black - we is who white
Cards in a pack - forced to unite
From now on Petrotrin is we
From now on Caroni is we
From now on we own the pitch lake
From now on we for heavens sake
From now on all of us means we
From now on male or female be
From now on - From now on - From now on

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“We the People”

Provided with the express permission of the composer(s)

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Calypso Crazy
Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung

Crazy - born Edwin Ayoung in  1944, on Maraval Road in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad of a Venezuelan mother and Trinidadian father of Chinese descent, was - in his youth - as skilled and competitive in his country’s national pastime of cricket, as he has been now for years as a world-travelled musician, performing artiste and composer.

Though dubbed The “Loveable Lunatic of Soca,” Ayoung has time and again not been given his due in his native land, yet remains one of the most commercially successful artists on the international soca scene. An experimentalist, he pioneered the unique musical genre known as Parang Soca and played a leading role in promoting Chutney Soca. Crazy would go on to sing several monster smashes in parang soca, including Muchacha and Homemade Wine.

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A brilliant double-entendre artiste at its best - Edwin Ayoung has delighted in pushing the envelope in his humorous and witty manner.  With songs like Paul, Nani Wine and Suck Meh Soucouyant to name but three, this illustrious performer remains a staple in the music world.

He’s been ranked in the top three for Trinidad & Tobago’s annual national calypso monarch competition - his best showing being at position two with Dustbin Cover.  He captured the prestigious Road March title (the ‘tune for the road’ during Carnival Monday and Tuesday) in 1985 with Suck Meh Soucouyant.

This hard-working hit-making machine and best-selling soca artiste over the years has stayed in the public consciousness, serving up such ditties and classics as Drive It, Dis Is How and Coldsweat.

On the pan scene, Crazy sang one of the most popular ‘pan tunes’ in years; written by Armit Samaroo, 2007’s Band From Space captured the imagination of the steelband music community worldwide, becoming the panorama selection for some, and part of the overall repertoire for others.

Edwin Ayoung makes his home in California on the USA’s west coast, with frequent trips back to the land of his birth.

Edited by C. Phillips

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