Steelband Panorama 2012
Trinidad & Tobago Steelband Panorama Cenntral 2012
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Panorama Finals
Order of Appearance

Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2012

Region  Color Key Eastern Zone Region North Zone Region South/Central
Zone Region
Tobago Region    


Large Conventional Steel Orchestras

TUNE PLAYS AT BAND SONG / Semi-final Video Performance Orchestra Symbols and Logos ARRANGER  
#1 Siparia Deltones “Let’s Dance (Naked Riddim)”

Siparia Deltones
Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
#2 Renegades “Vibes”

Renegades Steel Orchestra Duvone Stewart
Duvone Stewart
#3 Exodus “Aunty Pat”

Exodus Steel Orchestra
Pelham Goddard
#4 Silver Stars “Gie Dem Tempo”

Silver Stars
Edwin Pouchet
#5 Redemption Sound Setters “Gie Dem Tempo”

Redemption Sound Setters
Winston Gordon
#6 Trinidad All Stars “Play Yourself”

Trinidad All Stars

Leon “Smooth” Edwards
#7 Phase II Pan Groove “Archbishop Of Pan”

Phase II
Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
#8 Invaders “Yuh Know Ah Like It”

Invaders Steel Orchestra
Arddin Herbert
#9 Tropical Angel Harps “All Over”

Tropical Angel Harps
Clarence Morris
#10 Fonclaire “Vibes”

Fonclaire Steel Orchestra logo
Ken “Professor” Philmore
#11 Harmonites “Archbishop Of Pan”

Harmonites Steel Orchestra 
Seion Gomez

Medium Conventional Steel Orchestras

  TUNE PLAYS AT BAND SONG / Semi-final Video Performance Orchestra Symbols and Logos ARRANGER
#1 Sangre Grande Cordettes “Vibes”   Anders Kappel Øvre
Anders Kappel Øvre
#2 Power Stars “Gie Dem Tempo”
Power Stars
Arddin Herbert
#3 West Side Symphony “Cyah Wait To Jam”

Kareem Brown
#4 Buccooneers “Vibes”

Buccooneers Steel Orchestra Seion Gomez
Seion Gomez
#5 Curepe Scherzando “Play Yourself” Curepe Scherzando
Yohan Popwell
#6 Pamberi “All Over”

  Cheo Cato
Cheo Cato
#7 Valley Harps “Vibes”  
Michelle Huggins–Watts
#8 Melodians “Let Pan Reign”

Melodians Steel Orchestra logo
Amrit Samaroo
#9 Sound Specialists of Laventille “De Player”

Sound Specialists of Laventille
Ken “Professor” Philmore
#10 Katzenjammers “This Is Bacchanal”  
Edwin Pouchet

Small Conventional Steel Orchestras

  TUNE PLAYS AT BAND SONG / VIDEO Orchestra Symbols and Logos ARRANGER
  #1 NuTones “Body Wine”

Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
#2 Codrington Pan Family “Vibes Cyah Done” Codrington Pan Family
Cary Codrington

Khari Codrington - Steelpan Arranger
Khari Codrington

Keisha Codrington

#3 Simple Song “Vibes”   Marlon White
  #4 La Horquetta Pan Groove “Toco Band”   Kion Robinson
#5 Supernovas “Gie Dem Tempo”  
Amrit Samaroo
  #6 Tamana Pioneers “Toco Band”  
Kenneth “Panam” Clarke
#7 Golden Hands “Sweet Music”

Golden Hands Steel Orchestra logo
Vanessa Headley
#8 Merrytones “Sailors on the Road” Merrytones Steel Orchcestra Seion Gomez
Seion Gomez
#9 Tornadoes “Prophet Of Pan”  
Shervon “Shev” Edward
#10 Arima Golden Symphony “God Is Ah Trini”  
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle

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