Steelpan Arranger
Akil Browne

Akil Browne

Akil Browne - East Phonics Steel Orchestra, Jay Notes, Hill Toppers
Panorama Championships
Trinidad & Tobago -

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Soloist, arranger and performing artist Akil Browne was born to parents Joan Browne and pan extraordinaire Cecil Phillips in 1984 in the community of Laventille, Trinidad. He is the nephew of the late great icon Herman ‘Guppy’ Browne. Akil Browne was always surrounded by music and the arts.

He has always had a profound interest in sports - namely cricket and football - and competed, performed and excelled at high levels from an early age. Akil played cricket alongside current international superstars such as Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard - as part of the national cricket academy.

Upon completing secondary school Akil’s passion for Pan, the national instrument, further ignited and propelled him towards a career in music. A certified Pan tuner who holds a Grade 4 in music theory and countless practical experiences, he also worked to develop numerous steel bands in both Trinidad and Tobago. Akil also had the opportunity to feature in several winning performances namely:

1 - National Panorama Competitions

  • a) Valley Harps (Trinidad)
  • b) Our Boys Steel Orchestra (Tobago)

2 - Music Festivals

  • a) Arima United School
  • b) Alpha Pan Pioneers (Tobago)
Having performed on many a local and international stage, Akil Browne is versatile not only on each type of steel pan in the Pan family, but also in other percussive instruments. His talent has allowed him to tour in places such as North America, South America and Europe, and to represent and be an ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago as a pan soloist and with other groups. Other notable achievements include him being featured on an album with 5-time Grammy- award winner Hugh Masekela  (world-renowned South African Trumpeter) as well as local icons Len ‘Boogsie” Sharpe and Ken “Professor” Philmore, to name a few.

Akil has arranged music for Panorama with Jay Notes and Hill Toppers, small conventional steel orchestras, and does stage side music for a number of single-pan bands.

These words by Capleton: “music is a mission not a competition” have become such a profound quote to Akil Browne - which he uses to motivate and continue his musical journey.

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