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Curtis “CC” Cochrane - Steelpan Arranger

Curtis “CC” Cochrane

Curtis “CC” Cochrane - East Vibes Steel Orchestra
Panorama Championships
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Curtis “CC” Cochrane learned to play pan in 1975 under the tutelage of Neville Laviscount. Finding Halcyon Steel Orchestra to be crowded, he did a brief stint with Ebonites in 1977. However in 1978, he was encouraged to practice with Halcyon steelband, by Carlos Mannix the then-vice-captain and also by members of the Empire Football Team. The next two years saw “CC” a full-fledged member of Halcyon’s stage side, and was honoured to play his first Panorama as a member in 1979.

In 1985, while still associated with Halcyon, “CC” started the Trinity Band. This avenue gave him an opportunity to explore and express himself as a pan soloist, and also afforded him [the opportunity] to play alongside some of Antigua's best musicians. It has been a successful venture.

In 1992 he visited England where he trained in theoretical music for three months. This stint “CC” felt has tremendously enhanced him musically and his ability as an arranger. He played his last Panorama tune with Halcyon in 1995, breaking away from them later that year, to begin a fruitful association with West Side Symphony. He has been engaged in training the youths from the Grays Green Area to this day, and has seen West Side through 2 Bomb [tunes], and 3 CDs under his belt recorded with the Trinity Band, and a third as a solo artist. 

Source:  In Tune With Pan magazine, publication of the Cultural Development Division - Ministry of Education, Human Development & Culture, Antigua & Barbuda, W.I.  2008

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