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Cary Codrington - The Codrington Pan Family, Starlift, birdsong, Laventille Sound Specialists, St. Augustine Senior Comprehensive, Success Stars Pan Sounds
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Cary Codrington is the manager and musical director for the Codrington Pan Family.  He is an excellent musician and has been playing the steelpan for well over 40 years.  Cary’s own musical career received a boost from its humble beginnings in the back yard of Joseph and Addison Cummings to an opportunity to play pan professionally with Starlift Steel Orchestra in 1972.  His talent and enthusiasm for the instrument continued throughout his youth and today Cary continues to devote much of his time to the nurturing of young talent with several individuals from the expanded Codrington Pan Family Steel Orchestra and also other groups.  Following his experience with Starlift, Cary began his arranging career with the Woodbrook Government Secondary School.

Cary’s arranging career now spans over 20 years having arranged for many school bands and adult bands including St. Augustine Senior Comprehensive, Success Stars Pan Sounds, Birdsong, Courts Laventille Sound Specialists and the Starlift Steel Orchestra to name a few.  Apart from his many accomplishments and experiences over the years, his greatest joy is witnessing all of his 6 children excel far beyond his own opportunities and experiences as a steel panist and musician.   See more


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