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Keishaun Justin Julien
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Keishaun Julien

Keishaun Julien - Alpha Pan Pioneers
Panorama Championships
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Being born and raised in Tobago, Keishaun was introduced to the steelpan in the year 2000 at 4 ½ years old; however, his journey as a professional steelpan musician began at the age of 10 while being a member of the Our Boys Steel Orchestra.  During his early years at Our Boys, he was mentored by Leeandro Noray who was responsible for harnessing Keishaun’s playing abilities.  This resulted in Mr. Julien performing as a soloist at private events and making waves at competitions such as the “Tobago Channel 5 Children’s Showcase,” “Baker’s Scouting for Talent” and “Scarborough Secondary School - Jingle Jam” during his teenage years.  In addition to being an exceptional steelpan soloist, Keishaun’s leadership qualities resulted in him becoming a section leader at Our Boys Steel Orchestra while captaining the Scarborough Secondary School Steelband and Youth In Steel.

Apart from performing locally, Keishaun enjoys traveling and sharing his talent on the National Instrument with the world.  Keishaun Julien has represented Trinidad and Tobago in countries such as Belize, Belgium, Canada, France, Mexico, Japan, and the United States to name a few.  It is worth mentioning that Keishaun also has an international reach via his YouTube channel which has approximately 18,700 subscribers and almost 3.8 million cumulative views on his steelpan covers.  His ability to create a such stable YouTube fan base is something that very few steelpan musicians have been able to accomplish.

Keishaun completed his BA in Musical Arts at the University of the West Indies graduating with honors and would make his Panorama debut as co-arranger for Alpha Pan Pioneers from Tobago.  Keishaun admires steelpan musicians such as Duvone Stewart, Liam Teague, and Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and aspires to be remembered for his notable contribution to the arts in Trinidad, Tobago, and the world by extension.



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