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Leeandro Noray - Steelpan Arranger
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Leeandro Noray

Leeandro Noray - West Side Symphony, Uptown Fascinators, Signal Hill Secondary Steel Orchestra
Panorama Championships
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Leeandro Noray is a young “born and raised Tobagonian” with a big appetite for pan music. He first got involved in the music business at the age of 8. He played in his first panorama with the West Side steel orchestra and two years later became a member of Tobago’s Our Boys Steel Orchestra, where everything took off for him as an arranger.

In 2005 He arranged a Stevie Wonder composition for the National Junior Music Festival Ensemble category with Our Boys Youths, and they placed second nationally.  That year he also did all the songs for the band’s carnival road competitions and they won every category.

In 2007 he entered in the Baker’s Scouting for Talent competition and placed 3rd out of just about 60 contestants. Leeandro also went to New York to participate in the panorama competition and received very good comments about his musical ability.

In 2010, while back in New York for the Panorama he was interviewed by a local TV station in one of the panyards. In the interview, he said “I have been told I have a very smooth touch on the instrument that most don’t, and that’s what gives me the edge on the competition.

“Everywhere I go, my ability to quickly learn and play the instrument has attracted a lot of attention, especially from music greats like: Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, the late Clive Bradley, Duvone Stewart, Seion Gomez, Ken “Professor” Philmore, Earl Brooks, Liam Teague and Brian “Bean” Griffith, to name a few.”  The versatile musician says he maintains a good relationship with all.

The following year Leeandro was approached by his former high school, Signal Hill Secondary to be the school’s steelband Panorama arranger.  He accepted and remained there till 2012.

For the 2013 panorama season he teamed up with his longtime friend Nuton “Skilit” James to arrange the panorama song for his new band “Uptown Fascinators,” a dream he and “Skilit” had for years. The band (while very new with mainly kids) returned for the 2014 Panorama season again with Leeandro as arranger.  For 2016, he co-arranged for the band with Michael Toby.

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