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Shelton Besson - Steelpan Arranger

Shelton C. Besson

Shelton C. Besson - ADLIB (New York), Arima Angel Harps, Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra
Panorama Championships
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Academic Qualifications

Shelton C. Besson is a multi-talented musician who, over the past 20 years, has established himself in the Trinidad and Tobago Steel Pan fraternity.   His ingenuity as a steel pan player, conductor, composer and arranger has made him an asset to the bands with whom he has worked.  Steelbands such as: El Dorado Secondary School, Arima United Schools, BP Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra, St. Margaret Boys, Five Rivers Modern Symphony, Arima Angel Harps and New York’s ADLIB Steel Orchestra are some of the bands that have played his arrangements at competition level.

His record in Junior Steelband competitions is quite impressive. Most notably:

He has achieved 1st Place on 5 occasions in different competitions with a hattrick of wins 2008 – 2010 with the BP Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra.

Shelton has taken Arima Angel Harps to the National Panorama Final on 4 occasions within his 6-year stint.

List of Achievements


Song for Lara – Sung by ‘Kia’ Panman

The Mystery of Pan –Sung by Eunice Peters 2005

A Sense of Pride - 2006


El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School

3rd Place - Jr. Panorama - 1999

Jr. Steelband Music Festival

1st Place - 2001 (orchestra) 

2nd Place - 2001 (ensemble)

3rd Place - 2003 (orchestra)

3rd Place - 2003 (ensemble)

Five Rivers Modern Symphony Steel Orchestra

3rd Place – ‘Sydney Gallop’ (Panorama Tribute Competition) - 2003

Arima United Schools Steel Orchestra

2nd Place - Jr. Steelband Music Festival - 2005 (orchestra)

Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra

Jr. Panorama

1st Place – 2008

1st Place - 2009

1st Place - 2010

2nd Place - 2011

Arima Angel Harps Steel Orchestra

Arima Panorama

2nd Place - 2013

2nd Place - 2014

1st Place - 2015

Finalist - National Panorama (medium category)

2011, 2013, 2014 & 2015

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