Steelpan Arranger
David “Soj" Ijaduola

David “Soj” Ijaduola

David “Soj” Ijaduola - Croydon Steel Orchestra, Ebony Steelband
Panorama Championships
United Kingdom –
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David “Soj” Ijaduola - age 32

“I started playing pan in secondary school at the age of 11. I had been a drummer prior to learning pan and had always had an interest in picking up different instruments. Pan was something I always wanted to play from a young age. After developing much passion for the instrument I decided to push myself more by arranging cover songs and teaching them to friends of mine at school during lunch times. This is where it all began exactly 16 years ago - 2005 to be exact.

“The same year I took part in my first competition “PAN EXPLOSION” my band at the time (PANTASIA) placed 1st. The following year I was given the opportunity to co-arrange for the same competition in which we also placed 1st giving us a double win. After taking a break from PAN EXPLOSION Pantasia returned in 2009 entering both categories which we placed 1st again. I arranged for the junior side and was very proud of the music we performed.

“The following year I joined EBONY STEELBAND TRUST for Panorama and carnival. The experience I had with the band was highly motivating and gave me the courage to push harder. After two years of being in the band I decided to reform the junior band with players that I tutored in the local area. In 2013 and 2014 we entered the Junior Panorama competition and placed 1st both years. That was my first opportunity to arrange a panorama style tune in which I am very grateful for.

“Through my hard work and consistency I was finally noticed and given the opportunity to arrange for the UK National Panorama in which I thank CROYDON STEEL ORCHESTRA. I have enjoyed working with the band...

“Away from arranging for Pan I also song write and produce pop music as well as being a session drummer. In the future I'd like work with top recording artists and remain within the Pan Community writing and arranging music.”

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