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‘No Bull’

sung by Steve Sealy
composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith



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Verse 1

Things were rough! --- we had enough!
Putting us through a test,
they make it tough
We not taking no more ah dat
We ain’t joking,--- we tell dem flat
Towing de line for peace,
dis nonsense have to cease
Get rid of dat foolish stuff
We eh buying dem kind of bluff
So we go keep it tight --- and make it right


So leh we jump up with, no bull
We go prance up with, no bull
We go dine, we go grind,
We go wine, wine wine in time
With togetherness
Is de way to exist
For de whole world to know
What we all have to show
So together let’s pull
Leh we get it, -- back on track, -- no bull

Verse 2

Moving up, de way to go
Until we reach de top, is play for so
We go take de bull by de horn
And we playing from dusk to dawn
We having a ball, no looking back at all
With one foot inside of de door
You could bet we looking for more
We will appreciate, and dat’s for sure.


Verse 3

They could say, our time has come
Yet in a special way, we still had fun
So is time to consolidate
Everything before it too late
For we to concentrate, for we to elevate
Not forgetting where we come from
Land of Calypso, and de steel drum
And with de sister isle, we all could smile.



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“No Bull”
Steve Sealy

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Brian “Bean” Griffith

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Brian “Bean” Griffith - While he (Brian “Bean” Griffith) maintains that “Panorama is a cultural event that cannot really be judged; judges have a duty to remain focused, respect every artistic expression and not just scribble any score when the performance is over.”

“The judges need to seek more innovative introspect to fully appreciate the efforts involved in arranging steel band music.”  “Bean” believes that judges should spend more time visiting yards prior to the competition, to respect the hard work and dedication of the musicians who spend countless hours preparing their compositions on steel.

Clearly not one to pull any punches, “Bean” is laying it all out in this no-nonsense track, No Bull.

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