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‘De Player’

sung by Destra Garcia
composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore
lyrics by Destra Garcia

arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph



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Verse 1

I know something eh right
I could make a jail tonight
Cuz I don’t know who you’s be thinking of
When we making love
I know is not me, cuz de names ain’t right
I wasn’t spying, ah ketch yuh lying
After all that I do for you
If yuh cheating boy, yuh go see,
yuh better doh play with me


If yuh horn me, ah leaving yuh
Boy, doh play with me
I eh joking - outside with you
Boy, doh play with me, hey
Doh play with me, hey,
Doh play with me, doh play with me,
doh play with me, doh play with me

(Repeat from top of chorus)

Verse 2

I does work like a slave
Cyah say ah does misbehave
We does have we ups and we downs
just right
But we never fight
Now suddenly I .....cyah do nothing right
Ah getting irate, why yuh phone on vibrate
And now you always working late
When I put yuh out, yuh go see,
Yuh better doh play with me



Is bacchanal....
doh even tell me that ah paranoid
Is bacchanal....
right now ah trying not to get annoyed
Is bacchanal…
ah packing yuh clothes up in de meantime
Horning is a serious crime

Verse 3

I know I could be wrong
But not when ah feel so strong
Too much extra charge on yuh credit card
I not going mad
It going to get worse, if yuh think it bad
De phone is ringing, why yuh not answering
Tell me who calling you from south,
When I make yuh out, yuh go see,
Yuh better doh play with me


Repeat and fade


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“De Player”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)
Copyright ©2012 (COTT)

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Destra Garcia
Destra Garcia

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Destra Garcia was born in November of 1977 in Trinidad and Tobago, and hails from a musical family. “When I am up there performing I feel the music as I move and I know it’s great to be a woman. I revel in my sensuality. I want women to look at me and say ‘Way to go,  Destra,’ because I am representing them and I look good doing so.”  Destra has been singing since she was in St. James Secondary School. “I sang every year for five years at school and won the Calypso Monarch on every occasion. I also wrote all my calypsoes.”

For an exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Destra Garcia,  click here

Songwriter Mark Loquan celebrates many years of writing music compositions for the steelband music panorama competition. 

And 2012 represents five of those years since the Destra/Philmore/Loquan team has been creating music for Panorama.  Since 2008 the team has brought to life songs like “Hooked” (2008), “D Trini Way” (2009), “Surrender” (2010), “Rewind” (2010) and “Calling Meh” (2011). Prior to 2008, Destra/Loquan had produced “Colours Again” (COTT Pan Song of the Year 2006) and “We Luv Carnival.” The Philmore/Loquan combination had also worked on songs like “Dangerous” (sung by Anslem Douglas/Colin Lucas) and “Time to Breakaway” (sung by Kerwyn Trotman). Several of the songs have been performed for Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago and at other Panorama competitions including Nottinghill, New York, Toronto, and Cayman Islands.

For 2012, the team presents two songs for Panorama, Vibes and De Player, both produced by Junior “Ibo” Joseph.

About De Player:

The music for this song was approached a bit differently, with most of the song created spontaneously between Philmore and Loquan at the studio while doing the music bed. They were looking for a simple melody with a sing along effect for a party feel. With her lyrics, Destra has put her own spin on a familiar topic of someone playing the field while in a relationship, but the ‘player’ is getting some sound warnings. It may touch a nerve within the Trini psyche.

click for full Mark Loquan profile & Discography

Exclusive interview with Mark Loquan - click here

Panist Ken 'Professor' PhilmoreKen “Professor” Philmore has been arranging music for Panorama since 1982. He has had many successes to date, viz 6 first places with Sonatas of New York, 2 with Sound Specialists of Laventille and numerous second places. His closest to victory in the large band category of T&T Panorama was back in 1990 with Fonclaire and “Pan By Storm” when the band placed second to Renegades’ “Iron Man.”   In addition to arranging, to date he has done several panorama compositions, the latter 5 years being in collaboration with Mark Loquan and Destra.

Ken continues to spread the culture worldwide, as an ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago’s national instrument, performing at several international jazz festivals and events worldwide. He recently visited and performed in South Africa and Nigeria for their respective Carnivals in 2011.

Ken’s aim is to have the youths embrace the artform. He dares to include hip hop, rap, reggae, funk and anything he believes would attract the youths, without losing the sweetness that would appeal to the pan connoisseurs. Hence his arrangements may be considered “non-traditional” or “outside of the box,” while exuding his rich musical soulful style and “down to earth” personality.

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