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‘Let Pan Reign’

sung by TC Brown
composed by Amrit Samaroo
lyrics by TC Brown

produced by Kareem Brown



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Verse 1

Once again carnival is here,
Sweet soca music fills the air,
Whilst the pan masters
tuning up their Pan,
We know Panorama is back,
So this year Pan on the attack,
With a new flavour for the fans and them,
Po-luto poong po toong toong,
Pan men practicing in the shed,
Po-luto poong po toong toong,
Melodies running all through they head,
So we get our chance to play,
You know this time we go ramajay,
We gonna play and play and play and play until we finger burst!


Pan go make them jump up,
Pan go make them loose control
with both hands in the air - free up,
Pan go make them free they soul
and party with no fear - Jamming,
Pan go make them loose control,
Pan go make them free they soul,
Panorama is the lime,
That is how we like to play we mas,
Can’t sit around for long
when the Pan start to play,
Let Pan reign - once again,
Joyously let them sing - Pan is King!

Verse 2

For so long Pan men complaining,
’Bout the bad treatment they getting,
In we carnival that’s a tragedy,
So let’s take this thing seriously,
Now we have a new committee,
With a new vision so Pan could live on,
No more making excuses,
We tired standing in line,
If carnival is our culture,
We have to make the Pan shine
So Mr. Finance I’m telling you,
You have to do what you have to do,
So that Pan could rise and rise and rise
till it reach the sky.


Verse 3

To the fans and them we thanking,
For all them years of supporting,
Our Pan music, that thing really sweet,
’Cause we know there will come a day,
When the whole world will have to say,
That the Pan is truly
a modern masterpiece,
Well sharpen up on your skills
Pan man practice Pan all the time,
Let the Pan be your therapy,
The best way to fight the crime,
So when we gather in the pan yard,
And we melodies jamming hard,
We gonna fete and fete and fete and fete until we lose our breath


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“Let Pan Reign”
Amrit Samaroo

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Lyricist, composer and steelband arranger, Amrit Samaroo
Amrit Samaroo

For the 2012 steelband panorama season, Amrit Samaroo has teamed up with respected St. Lucian soca star TC Brown to bring us Let Pan Reign. Formally introduced to each other by the Pantime Steel Orchestra, Samaroo’s melody came together perfectly with Brown’s contemplative yet vivacious lyrics.

“Never before have I clicked so easily with a writer as I did with TC,” Samaroo explains.  “He got the idea of the piece before we even spoke.”

TC Brown’s unique vocal styling has brought this piece to life; the track was produced by his namesake Kareem Brown at the Green Room Studio.  With many bands already showing great interest in this song, this is a must-hear for the upcoming season!! Let Pan Reign, once again, joyously let them sing, Pan Is King!”

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Samaroo is a multitalented award-winning steel orchestra panorama music arranger, songwriter, performing artist, producer and educator. In the preceding years Amrit has penned some of the most memorable steelband music pieces in recent times.

He is also the son of Dr. Jit Samaroo, the former master arranger of the renowned Renegades Steel Orchestra.

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